Monday, May 21, 2018

A Joy of Friendship

Life is filled to the brim with many wonderful happenings.

One of them is having lunch with a friend.

Fancy food does not have to be part of it.  A simple meal with a dear friend is just perfect.

My long-time friend, Christina, has been introduced on this blog in the past.

She maintains a spirit of optimism and a zest for life so spending time with her is always refreshing.

At a recent luncheon at her house, she adorned each plate with a bird and each human head with a fascinator hat, in honor of the Royal wedding in England!

Lovely lacy placemats she bought at a yard sale.

Pretty yellow-flower covered napkins were cheery and matched the perky flowers in the center of the table.

 Christina made chicken-filled peppers, topped with cheese, and accompanying avocado, all of which was just yummy. 

She cut tortillas into strips and toasted them.

Such hours, spent with a friend, are to be cherished.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Living in the Moment

Books, magazine articles, and radio and television shows have constantly stressed the importance of living in the moment.

In reality, it's all we have since yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not yet come.

Still, at times, something in the moment propels us to our past.

Lilacs do that for me.

One whiff of their heavenly fragrance or a glance at light purple ones on bushes, brings me right back to being a little girl walking to elementary school.

Sniffing lilacs was a pleasant part of childhood spring days.

Then, when our two kids were little, we lived in a big, rehabbed Victorian house on a side street in a big city.  

In a yard right across the street from us grew lilacs! 

 Our kids would run out in the spring and cut big bunches of them.

 Then, I'd place the exquisite flowers in vases in almost every single room of the house.

Imagine how thrilling it was to get a big bouquet of lilacs last week from the bushes in my daughter's back yard.  

Like life, itself, blooming lilacs don't last long so it's important to cherish every single moment with them and that is what is being done around here.


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Kitty Wins

Because most of my collections have reached full capacity, I try (sometimes in vain) to refrain from buying more of anything.
Occasionally, my resolve is very strong but most of the time it is not.

This week, when a dear friend wanted to make a Goodwill run, I stoically went in, determined that, for sure, there was nothing at all in that store I could not live without.


When my eyes saw the kitty shown in this post, it was impossible to stop smiling. 

She was so doggone adorable.  

She just about meowed into my arms.

Since she was less than $3.00, I figured, "Why not?"

So, now she sits on the kitchen counter where she can cause smiling all day long.

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