Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall Faux Flowers

Last year at this time, while hosting a baby shower for my son and his wife, I bought three really pretty fall floral centerpieces for the tables.

You know what? 

 A whole year has gone by and I forgot all about those pretty baskets of flowers. 

On a recent trip to the attic marketplace, I found them and brought them downstairs.

The one shown in this post is on the kitchen table. 

It has a lively rooster smack dab in the middle of the flowers.

Despite the fact a year has passed, he hasn't aged a bit and is still strutting his fancy black feather tail!

  How about that?

The bouquet looks so pretty with the fall place mats.

Faux for fall is fabulous!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Polish Golumpki

My maternal Polish grandmother made golumpki, or stuffed cabbage rolls, throughout my entire childhood and then into my grown up years.

She always turned out quite incredible made-from-scratch food. 

Even though they are  tiny bit labor intensive, I have carried on the tradition of making golumpki.

Core and then boil the whole head  of cabbage.  Since I boil it more than an hour, the leaves become very tender.

Drain, let cool, and gently place the leaves on a platter.

The filling is hamburger (I use the three-in-one blend that's mixed for meatloaf),  a stick of butter, about two cups of chopped onions, a couple cups of white rice, mixed with brown, salt and pepper to taste and three eggs. 

This time I had very fresh eggs from the farmers' market.

Some people swear by adding chunks and liquid from fried salt pork but I don't.

Brown the onions in the butter, then add the rice.  After that, mix everything else into the hamburger. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Then, I take a cabbage leave in my left palm and put in a good-sized plop of filling and close up.

I place them in a glass pan that has been sprayed with Pam. 

When all the golumpki are in the pan,  mix about two cups of ketchup with a cup of water and pour on top of all the rolls in the pan.

A few drops of olive oil can be added to the tops of each golumpki.

Bake in a very slow oven----300----for  a couple of hours.  

Serve with warm bread or rolls and butter.  Delicious!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oh Boy, "New" Dishes!

While helping one of my sisters de-clutter a room in her basement, we streamlined the task by having big black plastic bags for:

1) charity
2) keepers
3) trash

We made pretty good progress over an approximate four hour period.

She wanted to give up a set of Royal Doulton off white plates with gold rims.

To me, they are beautiful.

There  are 12 dinner plates, dessert plates, cups and saucers.

So, along with a half ton of other still usable items, the dishes came home with me.

Seriously, can one ever have enough dish sets? (Please don't say "yes."  hee hee)

I love the simple yet elegant lines of these dishes.

Next dilemma will be where  to store them but I'll think of something.

Also, uhhhh, who can help "me" declutter?

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