Friday, October 20, 2017

Finding Frugal Finds

Finding a new place to shop for decorative items is always a thrill.

When that "place" is an entire house jam-packed with adorable items, including seasonal decor, it's cause for celebration.

Plus, the prices of almost everything are very fair and affordable to most! Yippah!

Driving through a western Massachusetts town, we came across Frugal Finds.

The shop is a dream-come-true for the owner, Debbie Beligni, who has been planning and preparing for it for years.

It opened in September.

She really knows how to display items that she has carefully selected to sell in the shop.

Frugal Finds, as previously stated, is a large house and each room exhibits dozens upon dozens of items.

New ones are constantly added.

It would be hard to imagine walking out of Frugal Finds empty-handed.

All of the items shown in today's post are from Frugal Finds.

As you can see, there are a lot of Halloween decorations currently displayed.

The owner said she will soon have an abundance of things for Christmas!

By the way, you'll find Frugal Finds on Facebook, too!


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cyclamen Cuteness

There's a very pretty potted cyclamen plant sitting smack dab in the middle of the kitchen table these days.

I have no idea where or how we got her but she sure is pretty.

She has deep pink petals that jut up into the air at the top of tall stalks, above the leaves.

A cyclamen's dark green leaves with little patterns on them are heart-shaped. Imagine that!

It's a perennial which means it comes up year after year. (Annuals are one shot deals. They are pretty, they bloom and then, when the season is over, they die.)

"Garden Flower Folklore," a book by Laura C. Martin, is in my home library.  Martin wrote that the word cyclamen is derived from the Greek word "kyklos" which means

This may have referred to the round corm or tuber of the plant that is underground.

Cyclamen can have powerful  properties and the corm can be poisonous.

Well, I cannot vouch for all the facts one finds about cyclamen. 

It's just a pretty plant and looks nice in the center of the kitchen table.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Seize the Moment

Whenever the opportunity to visit the Vermont Country Store in Weston presents itself, I jump at it.

A couple past columns I've written on that destination can be found here and here.

The store is well known and is filled to the rafters with everything from colorful and warm socks and items for kids, to several flavors of fudge and all kinds of personal products like lemon scented shampoo and hand lotions.

Last week, when my older sister was visiting from California, she and yet another sister and I made a jaunt to the Vermont Country Store.

It's about a two hour ride from my house.

Because most things are pretty pricey there, I just picked up a couple of Christmas gifties for two of my grands, some penuche fudge for my daughter to eat right away, and some very lovely lavender hand lotion for "moi."

We had lunch at the nearby Bryant House Restaurant. Another visit was highlighted here.


There's nothing like an excursion to put some zip into life!

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