Monday, April 24, 2017

The Penrose Victorian Inn in Haydenville, Massachusetts

There are times in life when it's good to just get away from routine and the humdrum of daily living, don't you think? 

The Penrose Victorian Inn in Haydenville, Massachusetts, shown in this post, is a great place to escape to, particularly if one loves anything Victorian.

A visit there is a perfect opportunity to do what the saying on the dining room fireplace below says:

Why not feast your eyes on a dining room like the one shown above and below, and dream of a different time and age? 

                               (A look into the mirror, above the fireplace, of the main dining room.)  
The rose-covered wallpaper, itself, is swoonworthy to Victorian aficionados.

For an extra special treat, a visit to the Penrose Victorian Inn fits the bill.

If Victorian ambiance and decor are your cup of tea, this totally charming and elegant inn will keep you smiling.

The innkeepers, Nancy and Dick Zimmer, are as charming as the establishment they run.

They are world travelers, too, and will gladly tell you about some of their ventures to all the Continents!

Where else, besides the Penrose Victorian Inn, can one dine with a nearby parrot named Edna May for company?

Or hear the sweet melodies of an exquisite "player piano" drifting up to beautifully decorated bedrooms?

     (This is a scene on the top of the piano. The painting the Zimmers got when they visited Equador.)

Exquisite stained glass, picturesque lamps of every possible description, hundreds of antiques and Victorian decor in every direction are all yours for a few precious hours when you check in as a guest at the Penrose Victorian Inn.

We hope to have several posts on this darling inn so, if interested, keep checking back, from time to time, to Writing Straight from the Heart.

                                 (Even the back of a china closet in the dining room has rose-covered wallpaper!)

  Our daughter and son-in-law gave us a certificate to stay at the Penrose and it turned out to be quite  an unforgettable birthday gift!

Keep coming back for more posts and photos on the Penrose Victorian Inn, will you?


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thoughts on a Sunday

Savor the little things in life on this precious Sunday.

Whether it's to trace the petals of a rose with your eyes or touch the soft cheek of a child or grandchild, become cognizant of how precious life is.

From my own heart to yours, I wish you all good things on this day.

                                                                                                           (Heart made by my sister, Barb)


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bye Bye Easter of 2017

Little by little, the Easter decorations are coming down.

The brightly colored egg tree outside will have to wait til this weekend. 

It was a memorable Easter holiday, complete with many church services, an egg hunt for the little ones, baskets, nibbling on chocolate bunny ears, and, of course, a sumptuous Easter Sunday dinner.

One of my sisters, Natalie, and her husband, Jim,  hosted dinner this year and it was a gala!

Shown below are fabulous "fattoush" salad and  luscious"louby" green bean dish:

All of the photos in this post were taken at their house.

My BIL is of Lebanese background and he is a fabulous cook. His wife is a gourmet cook, too.

Below are creamy almond-topped potatoes and the ham:

You can imagine how wonderful everything tasted.

My sister's yummy coconut cake:

Now, all the joy-filled happenings are part of the history of Easter, 2017, and I am grateful for those memories.

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