Friday, January 30, 2015

A Welcoming Dolly

There are a lot of dolls around here because collecting them was a favorite hobby of mine for many years.

I try really hard to refrain from buying any more dolls because one day soon I'll have to start paring down collections.

However, there are a few that remain very special to me. 

They are my faves.

One is the Victorian beauty shown in today's post. 

Patti, my dear high school friend, gave her to me. She bought her at a yard sale.

The doll is one of the prettiest darlings I've ever seen.

Her dress is magnificent and is done in different shades of my favorite color, pink.

She've very tall, too---more than two feet!

Even her hair is gorgeous.

This year, I placed her at the top of the stairs where she welcomes whoever goes up to the second floor of  our house.


Winter Birdies Deserve Our Care

When the weather turns nasty in the winter, my thoughts automatically turn toward wild birds.

How can such tiny creatures survive when the temperature registers 17 degrees or colder?

Where do they go to sleep?

How do they find seeds humans put out for them?

There are no signs for them and, anyway, they don't read!

Do wild birds resent that crazy, acrobatic  squirrels want to eat the seeds put for them?

This week I made a path in the snow in order to reach the bird bath.

One of the best purchases I ever made was to by a mechanism that keeps the bird bath water warm. 

It's great and I truly love seeing the birds stand on its edge and take sips from the bird  bath. 

A woman who is a another bird-lover, and whose backyard attracts hundreds of birds year-round, told me about the bird bath warmer.  

I'll be forever grateful to her for that!

After pouring new, fresh water into the bath,  I made my way back along the snowy path to the house.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Big Storm That Wasn't

New Englanders are hardy people.

We are used to harsh winters so news of a mega storm coming is just kind of taken into stride.

Of  course, planning is necessary and the day before any big storm is predicted one will find lots of people in 1) grocery stores and 2) gas stations.

That's  right. No one was going to go hungry if stranded inside houses and cars were ready for take-off, if needed, with full tanks of gas.

The funny part of the mega storm coming to the part of Massachusetts where we live is that it didn't!

We hardly had anything!

Schools were closed, there were warnings not to drive and admittedly, there was some fear  of what the storm was going to be like.

However, only about five inches of snow fell and that is really no big deal

There were no blustery tree-spitting winds and, while it was certainly on the chilly side, it was bearable.

Of course, we felt sorry for the people and city workers in areas that did get whammed but also thankful it wasn't bad here.

Actually, I had a wonderful "at home" day. Freshly made veggie soup was in the crock pot and date nut muffins, fresh from the oven, smelled great.

The mega-turned-mini storm, in these parts,  resulted in a super day from start to finish.

It was actually a nice treat in the middle of winter.

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