Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Picking Daisies

Sometimes, works of art immediately appeal upon first glance.

This is the case with a picture of a woman, dressed completely in a long, white dress, and a little girl dressed in a white pinafore. The little girl's hair is tied back with a ribbon and she is very intent on what they are doing, namely, picking daisies.

The woman's dark brown hair is swept up onto her head. She wears a white necklace and has a pretty face.

Perhaps it's a mother and daughter from Victorian times, out for an afternoon stroll, when they come across the patch of daisies. There is obvious closeness between them and that is very sweet to observe.

There was a visceral response the minute I saw the picture for the first time. It had to come home with me and did! It's set in a gold frame and sits on a miniature easel.

Passing by this piece of art in the hallway always makes me smile. Perhaps it's because the lady and little girl seem so happy. They are engaged in the simple act of picking daisies, maybe to give to a grandmother or to put in a glass of water on the kitchen table. It speaks of simpler times.

Plus, it must be spring in the picture and right about now, that, in itself would make anyone immersed in winter very happy!

Do you have a favorite piece of art you absolutely love? Would you describe it?


Chatty Crone said...

Your picture is gorgeous - can't you just feel the peace and love in it?

I have a picture - not quite the same - but the same idea - a mother and her daughter - in the Victorian ages - I think every time I pass it - how nice it would be to have my mom back!

PS The pug did go thug! You're right!

Cheryl Moore said...

I like the Victorian Era. I like the beautiful houses, crocheted lace, coal stoves...Yes, I like the simpler times. --But, I like the Computer Era, too! :) Thanks for sharing :)

Gypsy Purple said...

I can totally get lost in this paintig..fabulous!!

BECKY said...

Hi Susan. I, too, love beautiful items from by-gone days. I used to always say I was born in the wrong decade...not century, though! I have 2 framed pictures that I love. I won't go into the details, because it would take up way too much room! But, I'm like you....both of them make me smile. And just last week, I moved one from a room we don't use very often (duh!) and put it over the fireplace, where it can be seen constantly! Thanks for reminding us all about simple pleasures!

diane stetson said...

When I was a little girl I used to go into the woods near my house and pick violets and lily of the valley...such wonderful memories..I can almost smell them now! Thanks for the pretty picture to remind me of when I picked flowers. xo

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Sandie! Would love to see your mother/daughter picture. Just love the Victorian era. Come to visit again. Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Hello Cheryl: Oh yes, I love the Victorian age, too, but I absolutely love doing my blog via computer. So, the best thing to do is get the best of both eras! Thanks for visiting and commenting, Cheryl. Come back soon! Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Hello Gypsy Purple! How nice to have to visit and comment! Come again as I always love to have you visit. Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Becky: So glad you have your painting over the fireplace where you can enjoy it! Enjoyment from simple pleasures is wonderful, isn't it? Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Di...Oh, I definitely remember picking violets and lily of the valley. Still love both of those flowers...also, daffodils and iris! All memories from childhood! Thanks for visiting and commenting! Always, Susan

Carolyn said...

I love pictures from the Victorian era too!Nice treasure for you.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I love this picture, Susan! In fact, seeing it in my blog reader drew me here today.

At a yard sale, I picked up a picture of a woman sitting in a chair, reading a book. It also has a Victorian/early 1900's look to it. I bought it, and still smile whenever I see it.

Susan :)

Karen Lange said...

I do like this picture, so I suppose you could say it is one of my new favorites:) I also love Monet's work.

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Carolyn...Yes, the Victorian era has so much that draws me to it. So glad you came to visit! Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Susan...Would love to see your lady reading! Aren't we lucky to find paintings we love? Glad you stopped by. Sincerely, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Hello Karen...Happy you came to visit and that you liked the painting! Thanks so much for stopping by. Sincerely, Susan

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