Friday, March 19, 2010

The Bunnies Are Coming! The Bunnies Are Coming!

Decorating for the holidays is one of my life's greatest joys.

Luckily, we have a very big attic that stores lots of boxes. Going up there and dragging them down is not my idea of fun but it's always worth it. As I unwrap decorations for whatever holiday is at hand, it's like meeting old friends. Guess I'm just a little kid at heart.

(Here's a Mama bun bun and her itsy bitsy kids. Aren't they the cutest?)

Now when it comes to Easter, bunnies fill me with joy. Being the compulsive person I am, there was no way to stop buying bunnies after the first few. Every time I saw another cutie pie, my resolve to stop with the bunnies melted like a chocolate egg in the afternoon sun.

(This is psychedelic bunny in riotous colors!)

Consequently, so many bunnies have joined us for the Easter season that I've long ago lost count of them. They are so A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. They sit on the kitchen windowsills, and on a table in the front hallway. They hang out on the counter in the downstairs bathroom and on shelves in the upstairs one. They sit on little chairs at the top of the stairs and near the fireplace. Well, you get the idea. Bunnies rule at our house around Easter time.

(These are some of the windowsill kids! They are very little, no more than two inches high, like the teeny weeny pink Easter basket!)

They come in all sizes and colors. The only things the bunnies in my collection don't do is sing and dance. They do make me smile when I see them and most guests seem to enjoy them, too.

(Little Miss Lavender Froo Froo)

Hope you like looking at them! From time to time before Easter, I'll post more pictures so if you don't like bunnies, better skip my blog on those days. But if you do like them, hop right over and they will entertain you! (And that's no cotton "tale.")



Dianne said...

I collected ornamental eggs for a long time... until the collection got wayyyy out of hand. I gave a lot away and sold some, but still have a few. When I was a child I had real bunnies... so did my daughter. My favorite bunny memory is actually my favorite childhood book... Bunny Blue. It's about a stuffed bunny, blue obviously, that comes to life with the rest of the toys at night and loses his pretty pink ribbon. They look all over for it before giving up just before morning comes...they are so afraid that the little girl will find out they come alive because he lost his ribbon... but the next morning she finds the ribbon in the toy box and all is well.

Chatty Crone said...

I love your little bunny collection - especially the psychedelic bunny!

My funny bunny story - my girlfriend was the bunny at the mall. When my daughter was little we took her to the mall to see the bunny. She cried of course. My girlfriend was trying to call to me and talk to my daughter to no avail. Guess it doesn't sound to funny when I write it down - guess you had to be there. lol


Adrienne said...

Your bunnies are just too cute. I almost have to be physically restrained at the $$ Store this time of year. They always have such cute bunnies.

Nadine (the head Easter bunny) writes a very long letter to my husband every year and leaves it with his basket, which is so crammed full of goodies you can barely pick it up.

Hubby never received an Easter basket when he was growing up (so sad) so Nadine makes sure he gets a HUGE one every year.

My mother saw to it that we had wonderful baskets - not just candy but all sorts of books and other little necessary things.

Linda said...

When my daughter was young she collected bunnies. Now she has a huge tub full of them and I have almost none! Maybe I can raid her stash for some decorations. Love all you cuties!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I used to collect bunnies and teddies, but on this side of the world, it is easier to collect camels and elephants. :) All your bunnies are very cute! Have a great weekend. Tammy

diane stetson said...

Little bunny foo foo went hopping through the forest...remember that song? Your bunnies are very collection is bunny songs...just sang several with the kids today at school!

Leann said...

What a great collection. I love the purple one!! I just finished literally (1hr ago) putting the rest of our Easter decorations out.

Enjoy your weekend!

middle child said...

My newest Easter deckies are Snowbunnies. (Dept 56, like the snowbabies.) Now if I just knew where the hell I put them!!!!

Susan said...

Hello Girls! Thanks SO MUCH to all of you for visiting and commenting and sharing your bunny stories. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your comments. Today I drove to Boston which is a two and a half hour ride each way! So I wasn't home at all. Of course, once home, I loved reading all of your comments. So, thanks again and I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend! Always, Susan

Anonymous said...

I so love bunnies, too, although I don't have that many. I think only 6. Please keep posting more bunnies. They are so cute.

Susan said...

Ohhhhh Rosie. More bunnies are coming. Trust me. They are hop, hop, hopping onto my computer screen faster than I can delete them. Come visit tomorrow! Sincerely, Susan

Donna said...

Susan, you are so lucky to have a big attic to store all your seasonal goodies!! I love all your bunnies! We're in a split level, where the only access to the attic (and I use that term loosely as there is no floor and you can't even stand up straight in there) is through the ceiling of one of the bedroom closets... What I would give to have a big walk-up attic!! (sigh...)... Donna

Susan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susan said...

Hi Donna! I AM lucky to have a humongous attic. I wouldn't want to be up there alone at night though. Scaredy cat. I'd be afraid of spooks! ha! Someday, if we ever won the lottery, I'd make it a beautiful, sweeping space but alas, that's a far off dream. But I DO love it for storage space. So happy you stopped by and commented, Donna. Take care and have a great day. Sincerely, Susan

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