Monday, August 20, 2012

Time for Breakfast

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal.

When I have guests for this first meal of the day,  I like to make everything look nice.

Serving milk in a beautiful cut glass pitcher adds an elegant touch. This is a favorite pitcher, found at a yard sale.

Isn't it pretty?

To keep things fairly simple, I put bacon on a cookie sheet in a 300 degree oven, the night before I'm expecting guests.

 It stays in there a couple of hours and gets nice and crisp.  Then, I layer it between paper towels and store in the refrigerator overnight.

Next morning, the whole plate, paper towels and all, gets put into an oven to warm. Voila! Crispy bacon, ready in no time.

For the breakfast shown in today's post, guests enjoyed scrambled eggs, to which a touch of sour cream was added.

Also, home fries.  I peeled, cut up and boiled potatoes the night before, too. 

Then, in the morning, all I had to do was warm up some oil, plop in the cut up taters, add salt and pepper and fry.

 Guests enjoyed the fresh watermelon,berry and cherry tray, shown at the top of this post. 

The berries tasted tart so I sprinkled them with sugar.

Orange juice came in beautiful wine glasses. Just found a whole set of these beauties at a yard sale. The entire set cost just $2.

Served large, warmed up tortillas, too.

Used cobalt blue plates and soft, yellow cloth napkins.

Please pass the bacon!



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think you just cooked my favorite breakfast! Bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. Of course here in the South we would have grits also! Yummy!Hugs, Linda

diane.stetson said...

My FAVORITE is blueberry pancakes which I have just about every Saturday morning.

Denise said...

Your a great hostess,even in the morning.Looks so wonderful.Reminds me of a B&B.Great job.Thank you for dropping by and visiting Me.I'm still adjusting to My new way of eating with My gastric bypass,but I've already lost a lot of weight.

Bookie said...

Your breakfast looks so good! But your missing grits, ha-ha. Sour cream in eggs is a new one for me. I am making breakfast here on Wednesday and hope it turns out as well as yours! Love the blue plates too!

Nellie said...

Well, we love breakfast around here, and when we have guests, I often do something that spends the night in the refrigerator before being baked for the morning meal. I have a favorite egg/Canadian bacon/hash brown casserole that is always a hit! Also, biscuits are well-received!

Your table looks lovely! I like to use the pink dogwood Depression Glass for breakfast.

Thank you for your visit to my little blog.

xo Nellie

Retired English Teacher said...

I love what you suggested! Everything looks beautiful.

Carol said...

Great idea for the bacon and the potatoes!
Everything looks delicious and elegant. I am sure your guests were delighted!

Linda O'Connell said...

Bacon-bacon-bacon...blueberry pancakes...oh I must stop.

Merlesworld said...

For years breakfast was a piece of toast and half a cup of coffee running out the door to work now it's all different. My best breakfast is bacon eggs and fried tomato, our bacon is different to yours we have the tail and eye together.

Dee said...

Beautiful breakfast seems to taste better in pretty dishes. I will have to try the touch of sour cream the next time I scramble eggs.YUM.

Chatty Crone said...

And I didn't even get invited to this beautiful meal. Just kidding. I never knew how to make bacon that way - I am going to try this next time! Thanks. sandie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like a lovely breakfast indeed. Fresh breads of all sorts and meats/cheeses along with yogurt and muesli and different toppings seem to be the morning fare in most European countries. We enjoyed that every day while in Koblenz. :) Wishing you a lovely day. Tammy

Syifa Zahra said...

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