Friday, February 21, 2014

Cockadoodle Do!

Sometimes in New England, the dark, cold and sunless days of winter wear on one's nerves.
Usually, I'm able to stay pretty chipper by honing gratitude for just living.

However, there are moments when I yearn for color in these dreary days of February.

When I spotted the  painted rooster on a sojourn to Dollar General,  he had to come home with me.   

He was definitely something to crow about.  

His feet are really big clodhoppers but who cares? 

He can strut his stuff all over the place because he's one bright and colorful creature!

The $6 he cost was a little more than I would usually spend but it's worth it in terms of smile power. 

Even Rooster is looking out the window at the winter scene outside and seems to be waiting for spring.

Cockadoodle do!

Today we are joining Thrifty Things Friday on Diann's blog, The Thrifty Groove, with co-host, Linda, from A La Carte.



Susan said...

Hello Dear Readers...

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Welcome to Dorothy from Ink Blots in
Australia. She is this blog's latest Follower.

Thank you for Following, Dorothy. Please share with us frequently!

The best to each of you. Hugs. Susan

Anonymous said...

I love your rooster. I know he will be happy to see the sun coming up on a bright spring morn! Winter is my least favorite season. I can't wait to see some color in the landscape!

BECKY said...

Oh my gosh, Susan! He is adorable! He's funny, and cute, and colorful! Love him! I think he's definitely worth the six bucks, too! :) I love the word "clodhoppers"! I use it all the time when I refer to my husband's shoes being in the way! LOL. And I immediately thought of the old cartoon character....and he WAS a character!...Foghorn Leghorn....Big Feet and Funny!!
Have a great weekend coming up...and yes, here's to looking forward to sunny, warm days!

diane.stetson said...

He is one rad!
I enjoy looking out my window as I have yellow mums blooming away at the moment on my patio. I love anything colorful all year round.

Linda said...

BIG SMILE here! He is one happy fellow.
EnJOY your weekend.
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

marianne said...

So thankful for the gift of sight! It is truly a beautiful, colorful world when one can see....

All the valentine flowers were on clearance at the supermarket and so I purchased some fabulous red/pink tulips with lots of greenery. I arranged them in my mother's white pitcher with the green rabbit on the front and they are definitely a shot of color, a hint of spring and many happy memories of my mom.

26 more days til spring and then our beautiful Berkhshire Hills will slowly start to come alive with all the color and vibrancy we can imagine! Somthing to look forward to huh?

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Oh I think your $6 Colorful Rooster, was a bargain. His joyfull-ness would be a bargain, at almost any price. ,-)

Yes, we do try to not get grumpy, from the lingering winter. We do! And we do very well, I say! ,-)

But sometimes, we really neeeeeeed a boost. So happy you found the perfect one, for you!!!!

Lady Linda said...

Good morning Susan from foggy OR! It's been pouring all week..ugh and it's so gray. I really got cheered up with your rooster this morning.
Love ya,

The Old Parsonage said...

He's wonderful! Plus someone once told me that Roosters in a kitchen are good luck!

Happy Friday!

Dee said...

Wow,,,he is popping with joyful color,,,,,nice addition to your colorful home.

Susan said...

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to Vanessa Greenway from the blog Dreaming Shabby in North Carolina.

She is this blog's newest Follower.

Vanessa is originally from Brazil. Stop by her blog and say "hello."

Thanks for following, Vanessa. Stop by often! We will always love to have you visit.

Hugs to all. Susan

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness he makes me feel happy! I just think he's so cute and so colorful! Needed on a snowy day.

And I love your new header - looking good and you did it yourself.

Love, sandie

Diann said...

Well doesn't he just make you smile! I love it Susan! thank you for sharing at TTF this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Barbara Neubeck said...

...Rooster is Gorgeous!!!!
I love him. Such lovely colours and designs....
He could live in my kitchen any day...
Hugs and Blessings...
Barb xxx

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