Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hoping, hoping, hoping....

Hoping, hoping, hoping the hummingbirds will come to our yard this spring.

The other day, the sweet sugar and water mixture was made for them and the hummingbird feeder is filled.

It now hangs on the back porch near the melodious wind chimes.

The only thing I saw buzzing around the feeder so far was a big fat bumblebee.

Hummers are so beautiful and when they whirl their wings, it makes my heart  sing.

Please, little hummers.  

Your free lunch is ready. 

Just show up!




Terri Tiffany said...

They will come! My MIL has one on her front porch and they always show up, Hoping to photograph one when I go home next month.

diane.stetson said...

Yes, Yes, Yes to your question. I do not feed them though. The flowers attract them in my yard. I've even had a hummingbird nest in one of my planters in the past. We have lots of them especially in the to watch them!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I don't have feeders where I live now, but growing up my Dad always did. It takes a bit for them to find it, but they will come for sure.

Nellie said...

No hummingbird feeder here, though a stray hummer does pass through now and then. We have just had a hatch of robins leave the nest, and a mother wren is still feeding her babies who are still in a nearby nest.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey I hope that you get them to come - have you ever had them before?

Kamyria said...

Every year I see a hummingbird or two come to my yard but I've never put out sweet water for them. I think this year I'm going to get feeder and make them the delicious drink. :)

marianne said...

A few hummingbirds always seem to find the red geraniums on my deck. I read that that are attracted to bright colored flowers. Looking forward to planting my geraniums soon and hopoing to see a few "hummers" too.

Good luck with your feeder. Will look forward to a post on the "hummers" in your yard.

We are headed to Boston to visit our younger son this weekend. A stroll through the Boston Common is on our list of things to do, so maybe we'll see some hummingbirds there. Enjoy this beautiful spring weather and have a great weekend!

Red Rose Alley said...

Susan, I think you know that hummingbirds are my most beloved bird. Yes, I see them once in awhile around here, but they always come naturally, as I don't have any feeders outside. I don't see them often, but when I do, I feel it is a blessing. I do hope one will come your way, and maybe you can take a picture of it for me, would you?

love, ~Sheri

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