Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where Oh Where Did The Husband Go?

Central American Art in the Man Cave

People have asked me if my husband's man cave, located in the basement of our home, has affected our relationship.

It has and it's for the better. Marriages need space and couples need separation. The man cave provides these. I know when my husband retreats to his man cave, my time is for me! I can work on my miniatures hobby, write, watch tv in the living room and choose any station I want, because he's watching his own program on his flatscreen tv in the man cave! Ha! What a deal.

Do I begrudge him his time in the man cave? No way. Giving him time down there gives me time upstairs.

Sometimes, when I'm really mad at him, I even might say, "Go down to your man cave. Now." And he does! It gives us a needed time out!

His man cave is sacred space. I try very hard not to disturb him when he's down there and I would never touch anything in his space. That's his terrain. Remember, he gave me the rest of the house!

Since I started blogging, however, I've been using his computer because it's much better than mine. And where is it located? In the man cave! If he is on the computer when I go down to the man cave, I just make a b-line back upstairs until he's done. He gets first dibs and rightfully so.

I don't think my husband minds too much my using his computer, though, because he knows how happy writing my blog makes me. He still does his thing while I do mine and when I'm finished with the computer, I retreat quietly upstairs, leaving my contented husband to savor his quiet time in the man cave!


diane stetson said...

Did you get a tv upstairs somewhere to enjoy? I know I watched your husband's down in the man cave when I was there. Your husband is an angel sent by God to you and your family so be thankful for him and give him lots of love. xo

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: That sounds like the perfect fit to me. Enjoy your day! Blessings, Martha

Unknown said...

My husband needs a man cave. I agree we all need our own space. I think that's wonderful you do not touch his space. TOO cute! Thanks for visiting me today. I have been trying so hard to get a banner going. Gosh, I tried for two hours and it still does not fit. I am going to order the book you suggested. I wrote to you under your comment to me. I don't know why I didn't do it here . You write so well, I will be back.

Andrea at My Feathered Nest said...

I must say, I've never heard of a man cave before, but it will probably be in the dictionary one of these days. LOL

My husband works so many hours and I don't work outside of the home, so when he is at home, if he's not sleeping, because he's worked a 14 hour nightshift, I want to spend time with him. I have soooooo many hours by myself (with the furry critters, of course) that I'm happy to have somebody to talk to, besides myself!
thanks for visiting my blog so often. It means a lot to me!

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