Thursday, July 22, 2021

Pretty Remembrances

 When traveling, it's always fun to pop in to a local thrift store, just to see if any special  treasures are lurking.

Perhaps there are one or two things that can be taken home as sweet remembrances of the trip.

On a recent trip to Cape Cod, the Friends of Eastham Council on Aging Gift Shop made a perfect stopping place.

A lovely, small. dark green silk pillow with pink flowers on it caught my eye.

It was only $5 and as pretty as a picture.

 Also picked up were six scented votive candles for $2.

That's less than 50 cents per candle and I'm always burning votives in front of a statue of the Blessed Mother on the front hall table.

 The thrift shop was very cramped and uncomfortable to walk through. 

The Friends need a much bigger space to make it easier and more pleasant for customers to shop.

However, it was still a delight and cost a lot less than a regular store.


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

People for Every Job

He's not a bird.

He's not a plane.

He's not Superman.

So who is he?

He is one of the workers who installed a new roof on a neighbor's house this summer.

 When I looked out of a downstairs window and saw the worker perched on the very top of a very high roof, my heart filled with fear.

What if he misses a step or slips off shingles still waterlogged from tons of recent rain?

Would he tumble to the ground, suspended from a rope?

Would he be injured or worse?

All those questions zipped through my brain but nothing bad happened.

Numerous workers all toiled for many hours, pounding and arranging the shingles.

They miraculously finished the roof in one day.

The major thought at the end of the day was how lucky we all are to have workers willing to do the jobs we could never do.

There are people for just about every kind of job there is.  We are so very blessed.


Monday, July 19, 2021

Music Under the Stars


What could be more wonderful than a concert of incredible music by professional musicians?

The answer is music played under the the stars in a beautiful setting, now that people are getting out of their houses after a long, painful year due to COVID.

Tanglewood, in western Massachusetts, is a sprawling, grassy venue that contains a huge open shed, that happens to be the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

People come from all over to listen to music while sitting on lawn chairs. Some people bring blankets to spread on the grass and have picnics. 

There is even flickering candlelight on some tables!

What could be better than having  delicious dinner via candlelight, under the stars, while music soothes the soul?

 Recently, instead of the symphony orchestra, the Boston Pops performed at Tanglewood.

It was Fourth of July weekend which happens to be the birthday of one of my sisters! Her daughters planned a celebration on the lawn prior to the concert!  What a birthday bash. Wowsers.

 The concert, usually performed in Boston, was moved this year to Tanglewood.

The final musical piece played was the 1812 Overture, accompanied by the shooting of canons that rocked the very grassy earth beneath the feet of concert-goers.  

Talk about splendorous...


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