Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunrises and Sunsets Mirror Life

Seeing sunrises and sunsets is among the most joyful aspects of being alive.

Both the rising and setting of the sun evoke deep feelings of intense gratitude for life, itself, as well as for the gift of eyesight.  Sight is truly one of the greatest gifts given to human beings. We can never take it for granted.

Driving home with a friend from a medical appointment in Boston last week,  we seemed to be driving right into the sunset.  It was hard to concentrate on my driving because I wanted to lose myself in the colors and intensity of the sky in front of us!

Then we had to drive by a lake.  Whenever this driving route is taken, it's a delight to look out toward the lake. No matter what season we are in, this body of water has vistas that fill a person with awe and delight.

Last week was no exception. It was early evening and the sun was just beginning to set when we drove near the lake.  Glancing over the surface of the water, the scene made me gasp.  Quickly, I pulled the car into a small lot near the lake, rolled down the electronic windows, and handed the camera to my friend, whose window faced the water.

The entire day's stress and worries disappeared when my eyes met that sunset. What a great way it was  to end the day. Soon, the clouds turned pinkish gold and pine trees became silhouettes against the horizon. It felt so good to be alive and my heart filled to the very brim with deep gratitude.

Day was almost done and the sun was sinking quickly into oblivion. I couldn't help but think how similar life is to sunrises and sunsets. When we are young, we are ablaze with the brilliance of life with all its expectations, hopes,  and dreams. 

Then, in the sunset days, when things are calmer and more serene, we are more peaceful, more resigned to accept both the good and the bad. We are just grateful to be part of this great planet earth and all its wonders.

Both the beginning and conclusion of life as well as sun rises and sunsets are gifts and we are the lucky recipients. 



Linda O'Connell said...

Both sunrise and sunset are my favorite times of the day. I feel exhilarated in the morning and content in the evening. Water is my other inspiration.

Karen Lange said...

Sunrises signify fresh beginnings, and sunsets usher in rest.

Your photos are lovely:)
Happy Sunday,

diane stetson said...

I don't get up early enough to see the sunrise but I love watching the sunsets. We have gorgeous ones where I live but the best were in Tucson, Arizona.

Chatty Crone said...

I have to say Susan - that is one GORGEOUS sunrise - I don't have anything like that near me, so I can just pine for yours. sandie

Lydia said...

Many moments of stillness are as the sun pats the earth on the shoulder as it brightens awake or fades asleep.

Anonymous said...

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