Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vermont Scenery Takes Your Breath Away

(Click on photos to enlarge)

If someone asked for a favorite state to be named, it would be hard to come up with an answer. Almost any state throughout the USA has points of beauty.

Vermont, however, happens to be a special state. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.  It's hard to imagine the earth is filling up with people, banks, parking lots, and malls when one is driving in Vermont. One can go for miles without seeing a house, a person, or a flashing neon sign.

Along the major highway, blue and yellow wildflowers, mixed with Queen Ann's Lace, bobb along the edges,  and nod as cars whizz by.

A stop along a river turns out to be refreshing and peaceful.  No matter where one looks in this state, there is something to attract attention, from rolling hills, trees, and cows, to natural lakes, rivers, and incredible cloud formations.

Here's a reflection on the water's surface!

Snapping a camera in Vermont is sheer delight. Hope you enjoy these scenic photos.



Chatty Crone said...

I have never been to Vermont or really on the eastern coast line up north. Looks gorgeous.

Is it hot there?


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I was in Vermont once and it was truly beautiful!! Gorgeous photos!

Dianne said...

It looks absolutely heavenly. I've never been there and have only been to the northeast once, last February we went to the Finger Lakes Region of western New York. I loved it, it was so beautiful. I would love to go to Vermont. I was once offered a job in Burlington, but turned it down. I was afraid of the Winters. Maybe I should have taken it. But if I had, I wouldn't have met and married my wonderful hubby.

Bookie said...

Been to Vermont twice...this makes me so nostalgic for a return. The place is a wonderland for me...I was so sad to fly away...the air smells different up there! DH would laugh when I rolled down the window and hang my head out like a dog just to breathe there...might have been balsam?

middle child said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn said...

Hi Susan,
I have been to Vermont once about 18 years ago. It is beautiful-I would love to have gone to Tasha Tudors garden.
Lovely photos you shared.


Linda O'Connell said...

Love Vermont! We visited Ben and Jerry's and also Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. The scenery is gorgeous.

Nancy's Notes said...

I have been to Vermont and it's truly one of God's masterpieces! Your photographs are stunning, thanks for taking me down memory lane!


BECKY said...

Hi Susan! As always, your photos are beautiful. I have never been to Vermont, but it's been one of my desires, for years! When I DO finally go there, it must be in autumn, you know!! Bliss!

diane stetson said...

Every state has it's scenic beauty..I love Vermont in the fall when the follige kicks in.

Betty said...

I've been to Vermont, but it was so long ago. It was probably more than 40 years ago and a friend's family had a cabin. It was winter and it was gorgeous. I'd love to visit Vermont again, but it's probably just a dream.

Claus said...

I haven't been to the USA, so no, I haven't been to Vermont. But if I ever visit your country, NH is first on the list, including Vermont, and it would be an Autumn visit. I bet it must be a real treat to be there at that time of year.
Love the river pictures. It looks so...peaceful.
Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Yes, Claus, autumn in New England is unforgettable. It's miraculous to see the gorgeous leaves changing color, reds, yellows, orange, and so on. You'll see this autumn when I post! Take care. Susan

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