Thursday, November 18, 2010

Newspapers Start the Day!

Today I am joining Dayle for her Simple Pleasures Party.  This week's simple pleasure, for me, is reading the daily newspaper.
          Every morning, our paper delivery person leaves the newspaper right outside our front door. It
           always comes inside a clear plastic bag. All we have to do is open the front door, bend down,
          and pick it up.

          Morning coffee would be totally incomplete without reading the paper.  Skipping the sports
          section entirely, (sorry sports fans), I usually go through the other sections with a fine tooth

          I remember when my late mom would flip right to the obituaries.  At the time, I thought that was
          rather macabre. Now I do it, too.

          The arts section is always fun to read as well as certain columns by favorite columnists.  One of
          the  best sections is the "classified."  Sometimes I circle ads of things I would buy if I had a
          lot of extra money. ha!

          Despite all the bad news one can count on being printed, the newspaper is still a simple pleasure
          for me. There's so much to read and digest. Having written for newspapers for years, I appreciate
          that so much of what is contained within the pages of a new edition had to be gathered rather
          quickly and written on deadline. That's actually a rather amazing feat! 


         Now be sure to hop on over to Dayle's blog, A Collection of This and That,    and check out all the other simple pleasures. Her
         blog button is in the sidebar, too!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

My Mom does the same thing. Reads her paper every morning with her coffee. Me I get on the computer every morning with my coffee.

diane stetson said...

I do not get the newspaper until the weekend. I have very little time in the morning as I sleep till the last minute and then rush off to work.
I like reading the Sunday paper for at least a couple hours and I do not drink coffee....

Anonymous said...

I don't think we will ever get rid of newspapers or books - there is something about the feel and smell of paper that you simply can't get from a computer screen. Besides which, it's much nicer to sit where you like, to read, then perched in front of a computer screen.

It's Just Dottie said...

I love your simple pleasure today . When I think about my Papa. I always think about his love of the newspaper. He treasured it .


Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Susan, this really made me smile. What a terrific simple pleasure, and one that I truly miss. Our Houston paper, although large in circulation numbers, no longer thrills me on any level, thus the reason we stopped our subscription a number of years ago. You sort of made me want to start it back. I used to spend many a morning with coffee and newspaper. I'm glad you're still able to enjoy this simple pleasure.

As for your question, I don't think newspapers will go away completely, but many of them have already closed up shop, sadly. A number of years ago I wrote a column about how the Internet will never replace the written word for me, and it never will. I love books, newspapers, all things written.

Anonymous said...

Our howmtown paper is begging for business, offering seven days a week deliveries for $2.25, but they dumbed it down so much, changed the format and then shrunk it to a disappointing few pages and half sized pages. I like to read it on occasion, but dropped the subscription.

Trish said...

Oh, I hope newspapers are around for a long time -for my hubby's sake :-) Nothing beats holding written words in your hand! blessings..Trish

Nikki (Sarah) said...

I don't think newspapers are on the way out b/c I know a lot of people who love doing exactly what you do....the look and feel of the paper is better than staring at a screen. And your description of reading the paper sounds the best

Betty said...

Yes, I'm afraid newspapers are on the way out. Over the last few years our paper has gotten smaller and smaller. Now they even charge extra for the weekly TV guide. I'm like you and I enjoy my morning paper. I like to sit in a comfortable chair with my paper and my coffee. Reading the news online just isn't the same for me. I'm wondering if eventually each city won't have a paper and they'll be just a state or area paper.

Kathy said...

Love your simple pleasure! I am going to have to join in on this! It is a wonderful concept.
We receive one newspaper a week in our little town - I love reading -keeping up with news on websites now,
The coffee is a must :)

Bookie said...

I fear that yes,newspapers will soon be obsolete. I am part of the problem as we don't take a paper anymore either. I used to love the Sunday paper esp. but our lives changed and we got out of the habit when so busy. Retirement meant more budgets. We still take some magazines though. However, they change as well and not always for the better. But it is a beautiful image of the past--mothers with morning papers over mugs of coffe, fathers with rolled up shirt sleeves after a day's work, those moments when they stepped out of their own lives into the news of other lives...ah, the past! :)

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL My husband flips to the OBits first too!! I think it is an age thing:)

Debbie said...

I really don't think they will ever go completely "out" for the very reasons that you state here. There's just something about holding it in your hands over a cup of coffee that makes it special.

My mom likes to read the obituaries too. She always says, "I need to know if I'm still alive." I'm thankful that she does because she alerts me if she recognizes names listed as survivors.

This is a great simple pleasure. Due to budget, we had to eliminate all but our Sunday paper. I look forward to it every week.

Kay K said...

Thanks for sharing nothing like reading the local paper and some good ole coffee

Evelyn S. said...

The major Oregon newspaper no longer is delivered to the rural 'nooks and crannies'....cost is prohibitive, and we certainly aren't advertisers. My family subscribed for more than 50 years and my mother no longer has access to it. As for news on the internet, it's just not the same.

Joan Hall said...

The computer just did a strange thing, so if my comment posts twice, forgive me.

I do most of my newspaper reading online these days, but I always read the obits. May to see if I'm not there??? :)

I do miss the days of having the paper delivered each morning - we live in the country and don't have that service any longer.

Kathleen said...

I only read newspapers on holiday these days but when I do it is definitely a pleasure. I do think the internet is taking over. I am actually a vicitm of this. I was made redundant from our local newspaper a couple of years ago now. Staff levels, both editorial and advertising, were dramatically cut back and local offices were closed. The smaller workforce being centralised in the big city. All due to falling readership and advertising revenue. As they say, the winds of change are always blowing.

Chatty Crone said...

You know I am not sure if they will ever go out of style, but they are surely declining with the computer - a lot of people will read the news on the computer.


BECKY said...

Hi Susan! Love your simple pleasure. I do a rather odd thing with the Sunday paper. I love to sit and go through the coupon sections and cut out the ones I know or think I will use...but then I usually always forget to take them with me! But there's something very calming and a weekly routine thing to it! :D
Also, I think newspapers, books, magazines, etc. will someday all be obsolete, but hopefully not very soon. It's like everthing that changes with "progress" and inventions....telegrams, phone booths, record albums (LPs), 8-track tape decks, etc!! I think it's just a matter of time..

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