Friday, February 18, 2011

Roses: Flowers for the Heart, Mind, and Soul!

On more  Valentine Days  than I care to think about,  came deliveries of flowers from my son, who lives thousands of miles away.

This year, however, he is a married man and there was no expectation, on my part, of flowers. He has a wife, now, and, rightfully so, she should receive  roses.  However, the doorbell rang on Valentine's Day. The delivery person held a large box filled with multi-colored roses from my son and my daughter-in-law!

Tears filled my eyes and spilled down my cheeks as I looked at their astonishing beauty.  A young couple starting out,  my son and daughter-in-law certainly could have used their money for other things but still, my heart filled with love and gratitude for their sweet and precious gift.

A very dear friend had given me an old-fashioned glass pitcher that she picked up in a thrift store. It would make a perfect container, much nicer than a vase.

So the roses now adorn the kitchen table.  The white crocheted tablecloth placed on top of a red one also came from a thrift store!  See all the lovely things one can find on-the-cheap? No one would ever know any of the things shown in this post were thrifted!

Each day when I come into the kitchen, my first glance at the roses brings smiles and ecstasy to my mother's heart.

Truly, there are so many magnificent flowers in our world but, to me, roses are the number one beauties.

So here are photos of them to share with you, my very dear and special readers, along with a few little sayings about roses.

                                                  "Rose! Thou art the sweetest flower
                                                   That ever drank the amber shower.
                                                    Even the Gods, who walk the sky,
                                                   Are amorous of thy scented sigh."
                                                                       Thomas Moore

"The scent of a rose is enough to embue a woman with wordless, sibylline poetry,
as if she were younger by ten centuries." 

"Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns;
I am thankful that thorns have roses."
         Alphonse Karr (French writer and editor)


Joining Linda's Junkin Friday and Cindy's Show and Tell Friday!  Be sure to check out Linda's unique blog, A La Carte .  for great Junkin Friday finds!

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your roses are lovely and what a sweet son and DIL!! Love how you put them in the glass looks so fresh. Wonderful crochet table cloth, just goes with the roses so well. Yes Roses are one of my favorite flowers although I do love gardenias also! Thanks for joining JFF! hugs, Linda

middle child said...

These are extreemly beautiful roses! You have raised your son right.

Bookie said...

You are a lucky woman, Susan! The roses are beautiful and the thought--outstanding!The holiday will last long for you!

Oh, and from Linda's blog...I love Miss Taber too! I usually reread Stillmeadow in the winter, but this winter--not yet!

Happy Friday...

Mariette said...

Dearest Susan,

That speaks like 'book' parts of you being a super Mom to your son and daughter-in-law! Compliments and yes, I too melt away for roses... They embody THE most romantic flower in the world.
By the way I do love your cranberry glass vase in your header. And you are a classy lady with a keen eye for beautiful things. So good that there are women like you, who spot a treasured heirloom and give it the love that it got from its maker and previous owner. This crocheted tablecloth is precious and a great idea to layer it on top of a red one.

Lots of love,


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

ahhh such a lovely thoughts from your son & DIL! and the roses just beautiful! love them! have a good weekend!

Linda O'Connell said...

Roses are beautiful. I love the thorn quote which can applied to all other parts of our lives.

Susan said...

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are each having a good Friday so far!

I want to give a warm welcome to Pat, this blog's 184th Follower! Whoo Hoo! We are so happy you signed on, Pat. Please come by to visit often. You will always be welcome!

Hugs to all, Susan

Carolyn said...

Hi Susan,
Your bouquet of roses is beautiful and so nice the tradition carried on!

Have a good weekend,

diane stetson said...

Lovely Susan...I always get two huge boquets after my concerts at school from my principal. I try to keep them for at least a couple weeks with care...enjoy!

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

Aw, Susan!
I am so happy for you that your son sent you roses yet again!
My uncle always sends his mom, my paternal grandmother, flowers for her birthday and a teeny, living Christmas tree for Christmastime.
Seven years in a row (she lived here with us in the cafe' area), I saw her face when she set them out for display, and so I am almost sure I can see your face every time you see your roses!
I DO love roses more than all the other flowers and recall growing/tending/pruning/fertilizing them below my window in my childhood home, during my teen years :)
I also love hydrangeas an awful lot, for their whimsy.
Thank you for sharing your "love" story with me :)

doughmesstic said...

Apparently you raised your son right! Good for you. I hope I do half as well with mine! He's only 3, but the looks he gives me somedays, I wonder if I'll EVER get a flower!! Thanks for the post - it gives me something to hope for! ANy secrets?

Anonymous said...

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