Monday, December 21, 2015

A Sweet and Gentle Afternoon During Christmas Season

One of the most delightful afternoons of this Christmas season was spent at a dear friend's house. I call her Christina.

We have known each other for a long time.

She decorates her charming house to the rafters for Christmas.

It's always tasteful, elegant and artistically done.

Christina loves collies and has two of her own, Levi and Maddie. 

She also uses a lot of collies in her decorating.

She is a wonderful cook, too, and served a shrimp and scallop dish with Panko bread crumbs on a bed of spinach.  So yummy!

She is a dear person who loves to laugh and make others join in with her.

Here she is----my dear Christina. She even consented to having her photo shown in this post!  What a gal.

To be able to make people laugh is a gift and a fine one, at that!

 She snipped a couple of pine branches to place on the napkins at our luncheon.

Isn't her fruit centerpiece pretty, too?

She has little Christmas trees in the kitchen and dining room and the bigger one in the living room.

This Christmas season, I am grateful for this dear and loving friend, and for all my friends.

They are special gifts from God and must be loved and appreciated. 

This life goes by fast and friends are those who shine light throughout the darkness.

They are our own, personal treasures.



diane.stetson said...

Lovely pictures of your friend and her decorated house. My really good friend is ill this Christmas and I am keeping her in my prayers. I was invited to a Christmas cookie exchange luncheon by another friend but had to turn it down as I have company from the east coast at my house this week. I love my friends but there is nothing like family at Christmas time and I'm very blessed to have my two adult children this holiday here with me.

Bookie said...

This house looks so cozy and inviting. It is moments with freinds that are the real gift and so often the busy season makes it even harder to relax with friends, everyone running and doing. Glad you found some time. All my friends are unique and necessary to me. Blogger people, neighborhood people, people from my past.

Chatty Crone said...

Well she seems like she would be a wonderful friend. I love her house and her hair. I still can't get mine up! I am glad you have her and I know you have a lot of good friends there. You are a T terrific friend!

marianne said...

Lovely home and friend. So great you could find time to enjoy each other's company during this busy time.

I am missing a dear friend who passed away this summer. I kept a card she sent me many years ago and always display it at Christmas. Brings back nice memories but sadness that she is gone....

Heirloom treasures said...

It's truly a gift to have a dear close friend. I have one too. We share almost everything. Merry Christmas from our family to yours
xx jeanetteann

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