Saturday, April 9, 2016

Nature's Gifts

 Here is hoping you will have a good Sunday and get out into the great outdoors!

Recently, while driving through the small New England town of Lenox, a railroad bridge caught my attention.

A young friend asked if I would take some photos of her standing on the bridge since the surroundings were very picturesque.

In order for me to do that, the sun had to be behind me which meant I had to go at least half-way across the bridge to get a good angle.

Now I love railroad bridges over beautiful bodies of water but do NOT love walking on them.

My heart was beating very rapidly as I edged my way to the middle of the bridge, hanging on to one side with all my might.

In retrospect, it felt very sturdy but I wasn't about to take any chances of being plunged into the icy water below.

The photos came out great and my friend was happy with them.

It was wonderful getting outside in the sunshine even though the temps were still quite chilly.

And gratefully,  I didn't fall into the water.



Bookie said...

Yes, bridges bother me. Know what is worse? A floating boat dock or dock bridge. I feel like I am going to die when those board rise and fall esp. when a boat passes and waves roll into shore! Have a good Sunday!

Chatty Crone said...

I picture New England area to look like that - not at all like Georgia. Georgia is beautiful - but so is your area. No I am no afraid of going over bridges - it can take my stomach away if I look down at times!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

It definitely looks sturdy. I've walked on suspension bridges in Nepal. Now that's scary! :)


For whatever reason, walking on a bridge does not frighten me. BUT driving over one in a car does. WEIRD right? This looks like a lovely adventure outside. It was sweet you did this with a friend.

Linda O'Connell said...

I crawled back off a bridge over the Grand Gorge out West. I know how you feel.

diane.stetson said...

I am not afraid of walking over bridges..I don't like driving over them though...for some odd reason I feel safer with my feet on the ground rather in a vehicle. Glad your pictures turned out good and that you had the courage to walk on the bridge to take them.

Red Rose Alley said...

Yes Susan, I did take the photos on my post today. They were all in April, and most of them were from yesterday and today, which is raining in my area. :)

Your bridge pictures are delightful, and I don't mind standing on bridges. It lets me get a good view of everything. I would have loved to seen the picture of your friend standing on the bridge with the lake in the background. That sounds great.

Have a nice Sunday, my dear.

love, ~Sheri

Rebecca said...

I am SO ready to be outdoors! Here, it is in the upper 20s/low 30s and WET - rain, sleet, snow -- you name it!

I'm like you with bridges. Just don't trust them and not sure why. You DID get some beautiful photos. Good for you!

marianne said...

When I was a child of about 9 or 10, I had walk across a wooden sidewalk that went across a river on my way to catechism. I was so petrified to walk across that sidewalk with the dark water swirling below, that I would wait until no cars were coming and would go out into the road to get across and then resume walking on the regular sidewalk. Now I'm fine with bridges, walking on them or riding over them, but your pictures did bring back that scary memory.

It is good to get outside in any kind of weather. It does a body good!

Fashion said...

This is awesome! Thanks

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: Your bridge pictures are fabulous. Great sun day. I am afraid of walking over bridges. I have fear of falling into the water. I swim badly.Keep in touch

Sandi said...

It is beautiful!

When I was a kid we lived not too far from the Swinging Bridge in Croswell, Michigan. (Photos online!) It took me forever to get brave enough to cross it, but eventually I could run across. :)

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