Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sweet-Faced Pansies

Pansies signify spring in New England and guess what?

  They are back!  Yippah!

Their little delicate faces seem to smile and welcome all who look in their direction.

Last weekend, hubs and I , (he's my forever love), felt reckless.

So despite the possibility of freezing temps and even snow, we bit the bullet and bought pansies.

They sat patiently in the trunk of my car, all the way home from the plant nursery. 

Oh, they are sooooo darling.  

This year, I selected periwinkle blue, some deep purple and the rest pink.

They are adorable and make me smile. 

They even make me feel so happy to be alive. 



diane.stetson said...

Don't have pansies but yours are so pretty. Here my yellow roses are in blossom, my azalea plant, my jasmine, my Iris, and begonias. I enjoy looking out at everything on a beautiful sunny day as I know you and your husband do.

Linda O'Connell said...

Love your pansies, and mine too! They take me back to Easter Sundays when my Sunday School teacher used to give me one in a butter dish.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I have a lot of pansies. I like to reflect on my thoughts when I do sport. Keep in touchkeep in touch

Bookie said...

Pretty and you are spring ready now!

Chatty Crone said...

Those are sooooooooooooooooooo pretty.
I love pansies.

Did you know here in GA they grow all year round and we have them everywhere.

Grandson made regional's in 119 meter hurdles and that is where I have been.

Still thinking of you and will write! ☺


Sadly, these are flowers I've never ever had. But they are delightful and I can see your attraction to them. If they bring such joy, each day you enjoy them is a blessed one. They are pretty indeed. Beautiful colors.

janice15 said...

One of my favorite flowers.. I plant them all the time and many times most of them have the pods with seeds that alot of the time get blown in the wind and pop up in other plaves in the garden yours are lovely Susan. Have a great day and weekend with love Janice

marianne said...

Just planted some pansies in my front window boxes. Usually have them in earlier as they don't mind a little cold weather and will reseed and pop up the next year.

Love the pinks, purples and periwinkle blue that you planted. Nice color palette. They are a true sign of Spring.

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