Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Refrigerator Art Gallery

                       (Magnet of children singing by the late artist, Ted DeGrazia of Arizona.)

It's amazing how quickly things get posted on the front and side of the refrigerator.

This moving art gallery keeps things from getting boring in the kitchen.

However, it can also start to make me a little antsy, because I like things neat and organized.

The colorful magnetic letters have to stay, for the sake of the grandchildren.

The grandma and mother sayings that used to be my Mom's are now mine and the sentiments remain true.

The magnets, (such as in the one at the tope of this post), by one of my all-time favorites, the wonderful late artist, Ted DeGrazia, have brought me joy for years.

I bought and collected them in Tucson, Arizona, a long time ago.

The daily newspaper carries nice quotes that I occasionally clip, cover with transparent tape, and post.

  Having a refrigerator art gallery cannot be all bad, disorganized or not, right?



Terra said...

I like your magnet collection, especially the ones by your favorite artist. We have lots of things posted on the side of our refrigerator, pretty magnets, info about recycling, etc.

Red Rose Alley said...

I love your children magnets, Susan. They're all so cute. You know, I used to have lots of stuff on my refrigerator, but now I have a stainless steel one, and I heard you're not supposed to put magnets and such on there. That's the one thing I really miss in my kitchen. Yours must look charming with all the goodies.



a refrigerator art gallery is a necessity for grandmoms. Love all your pretty magnets.

Merlesworld said...

It is where I keep unpaid bills, that way I don't forget them.

Unknown said...

I love your collection of items on the fridge! I have a few items on my fridge, including a magent for a local cinema, a drink mix guide, a crab, and a signed photograph of Dawn Wells and Bob Denver from Gilligan's Island. How's that for variety??

Barbara Neubeck said...

... Hi Susan.... for many years I had refrigerator art, notes and messages held on with magnets and for drawings from school. After my last child left home there were no more notes and messages... but, the magnets stayed for the grandchildren to play around with... the last of the grandchildren are teenagers and we have had plain, blank, pristine matching fridge and freezer for years now... I LOVE IT..... I do put 1 small Christmas decoration on them at Christmas time.
We have a small white board for messages and appointments...
I do like the children magnets.... so lovely xxx
Hugs.. Barb xxx

Linda O'Connell said...

I have a special collection on my fridge, too. One is an Irish saying, and the other a poem my son wrote for a special birthday, years ago.

I adore your little magnets.

diane.stetson said...

Oh you should see my refrigerator...I collect magnets from where I travel and it is filled with all sorts in my collection. I love to look at them. Yes it is rather disorganized but no one sees it but me..ha.

Victoria Marie Lees said...

This is beautiful artwork, Susan. I LOVE the sayings, too. Your fridge must be huge to keep all this stuff on it. I do the letter/number magnets for the kids, too. Maybe I'm using too much space for them. Thanks for sharing this with your followers.

Unknown said...

Just loving the artwork of Ted DeGrazia.

Thanks so much for sharing Susan!

And for your heart-warming birthday wishes. ;^)

Hoping you're enjoying this Friday afternoon sunshine!

I'm sure those flowers are! ;^)


Chatty Crone said...

I have Andy's school activities on it. It is empty now.

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