Monday, April 15, 2019

Cherish the Memories of Childhood Easters

 Palm Sunday drew a lot of people to churches everywhere.

Hundreds of palms were distributed.

We are one week before glorious Easter, which commemorates Jesus rising from the dead.  

Easter, too, will be celebrated in Christian churches across the globe.

There are many happy memories at this time of year. 

As children, we always had new Easter outfits. How my own mother did it, I'll never know.

There were five daughters and very little money but she always managed to save money and buy us new outfits.

I especially remember patent leather shoes, frilly, flowery bonnets, and white gloves. Oh yes! We had to have white gloves on our little hands.

Cherish your own memories of this special time of year.

Now we begin one of the most significant weeks in the whole Christian calendar---Holy Week. 

Whatever religion you may follow, or even if you follow none at all, you are wished the absolute, very best of blessings.



diane stetson said...

Oh Mom dressed us to the hilt. One of my favorite Easter memories is getting big fat Easter Baskets from my Aunts. Of course I remember the Easter fashion show we did for our parents too.


i too remember "patent leather shoes, flowery bonnets, and white gloves" at easter.

Red Rose Alley said...

That's wonderful that your mom got all the five daughters new outfits for Easter. The bonnets and white gloves are sweet. I always dressed my kids in the patent leather shoes and the bonnets when they were little, but I don't remember being that fancy at Easter when I was little. It was just very simple for me. My mom had five kids as well, with me being the youngest. I have good childhood memories though, with a whole lot of love. : )


Laurel Wood said...

I remember the gloves, bonnet etc. too. Best of all is my memory of walking to church with my parents and siblings.

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