Friday, September 20, 2019

Autumn Comes to the Pink Dollhouse

The pink dollhouse is ready for autumn.

There are even some signs of spooky decor. 

Even though it's early for Halloween, the decorations can be enjoyed longer if placed with the fall decor.

 A friendly black witchy cat and some pumpkins sit on the porch railing.

Two mini-scarecrows stand at the bottom of the brick stairs.

Mr. skeleton dangles from above the front entryway.

See all those leaves scattered in the front and back lawns?  They are once-in-a-lifetime decorations because this miniaturist will never, ever again hand cut autumn leaves in miniature.

Pumpkin "erasers" make a statement lining a portion of the roof.

It's fun to decorate a dollhouse for every season.

p.s. I almost forgot to tell you. Yesterday was my birthday. Yippah!


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