Monday, November 30, 2020

Blessed Advent

Advent is a time of preparing and waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day.

There are four weeks in Advent, which began on Sunday, Nov. 29.

 At this time of year, there is always an advent wreath on the kitchen table.


It has four candles, as there are four weeks until celebration of the Nativity.

Three of the candles are purple and one is pink.

We always say a prayer, including any visiting grandchildren,  after lighting the week's candle. 

It's a nice way to remember the religious significance of Christmas.

 Because of my own love of old-fashioned tablecloths, there's always one of those on the table, too.

This week, it's a very pretty white tablecloth, studded with bright red poinsettias. 

It's very festive. 




diane stetson said...

I've never had one though I know what each candle stands for and have seen them in many homes like yours.

Nellie said...

Very lovely, Susan! No Advent wreath here at this point, though we have had a number of them through the years.

Babs said...

We have one! It smells awesome! Your table is lovely.

Red Rose Alley said...

Advent is such a special time. And I love the color symbolizing it, Purple. That's a sweet centerpiece, and your table cloth is festive.

Enjoy the Christmas season, Susan!


Linda O'Connell said...

Such a wonderful tradition and gorgeous table cloth! I can see your grandchildren saying a little prayer. Have a great week.

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