Friday, February 26, 2021

Glorious Hyacinths

Could there possibly be a more exquisite flower than a hyacinth?

A pink one and a white one, sold in a water-filled jars so one can see the long, white roots underwater, came home with me from the supermarket.

The white one I gifted to my daughter.

I put my (hopefully) pink one on the kitchen counter.

It started to bloom the following day and, little by little, she has blossomed into a most exquisite flower.

The fragrance is intoxicating. 

 It's fun to go and just sniff the blossoms and in hail the totally delightful scent.

Ahhhhhh, little hyacinth, thank you so much for putting on the best show in town.



Laurel Wood said...

Hello! Your hyacinth is such a pretty color. Last evening at the grocery store, I was enjoying the fragrance of multi colored bouquets of flowers for sale.💐. I have cats, so I rarely can enjoy fresh flowers in my home. One of my favorite fragrant blossoms in the yard is a lilac bush, blessings to you this weekend,

diane stetson said...

I just took a couple pictures of my hyacinths blooming in my backyard.
I love them. Also my hydrangeas are coming out too and daffodils I love any kind of bloom. I love smelling lilacs the best.

Linda O'Connell said...

We have ONE that comes up year after year in our backyard. It has the loveliest fragrance. Hope you are doing well.

Kit said...

So pretty!! I love the scent of Mums. Kit

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