Monday, May 3, 2021

Forsythia Proves That Spring Has Sprung

 As soon as forsythia bushes burst into bloom, one knows it's time to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Here in western Massachusetts, forsythia bushes are leaving flashes of brilliant yellow loveliness all over the place.

 Combined with yellow dandelions, they all make the earth look like a fine artist's painting. 

 This beautiful yellow plant is a native of Eastern Asia and Southeastern Europe, according to online research.

Forsythia is a kind of strange name for a plant.


The plant's namesake was a Scottish botanist, William Forsyth.

Another fact research revealed is that forsythia is in the olive family.

It's just so delightful to see forsythia spreading its cheerful, golden color for the delight of humans.




Laurel Wood said...

Your pics are lovely, Susan. My forsythia bushes bloomed at my last home before we moved. The blooms almost glow in the dark they are so bright.

diane stetson said...

No but today I looked out and my YELLOW roses were in full bloom. I love them.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Absolutely gorgeous! That bright pop of yellow sure is beautiful against a blue sky. We don't have forsythia but we do have other yellow flowering trees that have quite brilliant blooms and are a lovely sight to see. It's always fun to know to research the history of things. We take so much for granted without ever knowing any background information. Everything and everyone has a story to tell.

Red Rose Alley said...

The Forsythia plant is beautiful, Susan. That is interesting that it's from the olive family. It kind of looks like Autumn too with their golden color. I don't have flowers planted yet, so I just picked some wild flowers and put them in a vase on my front porch to give it some color. Some people think they are weeds, but I call them pretty yellow flowers. ; )


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