Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mother's Day Thoughts

Mothers are the living roses of our lives.

They are our first teachers. 

They are the first humans to pick us up when we are 

tiny, hungry babes and yearning for human contact.

 They influence almost every aspect of our lives.

If we had mothers who loved us from the moment we were just a thought, we have been greatly blessed.

My mother, Barbara, has been gone from this earth for 15 years. 


I doubt a single day has gone by when I have not thought of her, sometimes numerous times in a day.

 She was a dedicated, good, and kind soul who suffered greatly in this life.  

She had five daughters and loved each of us with all her heart.

On this Mother's Day, I honor her and mothers everywhere!




Red Rose Alley said...

Your Mother is so lovely, Susan. I love this photo of her, and the frame you have her in. And that pot with the red rose! Where on earth did you find that? The girls sent me lots of goodies in the mail that I will share later. And I will spend the day with my dear son. I also had a wonderful Mother, and she had a fulfilling life with all her five kids living close to her. But then, tragedy came, and my Father got sick, and she lived another 20 years without him. But her kids lived close by, and she just loved the grandkids. She taught me too many things, so there isn't enough room to write them all down haha.

Happy Mother's Day, to a very special and beloved Mother.


Laurel Wood said...

Happy Mother’s Day, Susan. Your mom was beautiful. I also love these roses. My mother lost her sight when I was six years old. Throughout her life, she was an example of loving everyone by their heart, not by their looks. The Lord blessed me with great, Christian parents and I miss them very much. Dad has been gone 20 years and mother died 12 years ago. I do not have children but I am blessed with nieces and nephews. I hope you are enjoying a nice Mother’s Day with your closeby family.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your mom was beautiful. My mom has been gone 14 years. I know that ache. You are a blessing to your family.

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