Saturday, July 17, 2021

Lovable Lilies

 There is something about lilies that make them very special.

Pink lilies are little touches of heaven on earth.

 It is also special seeing a long-time friend , even though it's just once a year. Such is the case with my dear friend, Lori.

Imagine what a sight it is to see many, many lilies growing in front of a beautiful old New England Inn, the Red Lion in Western Massachusetts.

 Lori and I meet in front of the inn for a couple hours of catching-up, before it is time to say goodbye once again. Although a native New Englander, she lives in Florida now.

It is impossible to keep from smiling when seeing such splendor as pink lilies hold, as well as having a long-time friend touch one's heart.

The lions in front of the inn seem quite happy, being near such magnificent blooms.




diane stetson said...

Yes I have a calia lily plant right outside my kitchen window with coral blooms. I love them . The pictures of those pink lilies are gorgeous.

Linda O'Connell said...

So pretty. I had these in my wedding bouquet. Have a great weekend.

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