Tuesday, July 20, 2021

People for Every Job

He's not a bird.

He's not a plane.

He's not Superman.

So who is he?

He is one of the workers who installed a new roof on a neighbor's house this summer.

 When I looked out of a downstairs window and saw the worker perched on the very top of a very high roof, my heart filled with fear.

What if he misses a step or slips off shingles still waterlogged from tons of recent rain?

Would he tumble to the ground, suspended from a rope?

Would he be injured or worse?

All those questions zipped through my brain but nothing bad happened.

Numerous workers all toiled for many hours, pounding and arranging the shingles.

They miraculously finished the roof in one day.

The major thought at the end of the day was how lucky we all are to have workers willing to do the jobs we could never do.

There are people for just about every kind of job there is.  We are so very blessed.



Linda O'Connell said...

Charlie was very excited to workers on the roof at Sam's. It scares me when those roofers walk on slanted roofs.

Kit said...

Lol!! I'm the same way. We had a new condo building go up down the street and I watched everyday in case I had to call 911. But I never had to. 😊 I could never be a garbage person. Yuck...lol Kit

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