Monday, August 30, 2021

Gift of a New Week of Life


Anyone reading this post has already received a gift at the start of a new week of life. 

This day is a gift!  A lot of people didn't get it. Their earthly lives came to an end.

It's comforting to think that each moment of our lives is a gift.

So many times, the troubles of the world swirl around in the brain and heart, causing anxiety, troubles, and worries and those are not good.

 Today, those who have the gifts of freedom, hot showers, healthy kids, enough food to eat, and a place to live are lucky. 

Actually, they are incredibly blessed.

Rather than concentrate on all the anguish and chaos in the world, it's better to just be grateful for all the good in one's own life.

Difficulties, problems, and discord will probably always be part of the human experience but so are gratitude, gentleness, kindness, and peace. 

Choose the latter today, breathe deeply, and know, with total certainty, that this, too, shall pass.





Linda O'Connell said...

Turn off the news. Go outdoors and read.
The world's issues are overwhelming and makes me feel helpless.

Red Rose Alley said...

Your words are so special to read today, Susan. I guess to release the troubles of the world, I do what you do.... realize that I have all the gifts that you mentioned. Knowing we have blessings when hard times fall on us makes everything better. Speaking of enough food to eat, I have to go get
my chicken pot pies out of the oven, Yummy. ; )

Have a good week, dear Susan.


diane stetson said...

I go to daily Mass online and pray for the world and for myself and my family. I am always grateful for each day especially in my old age.

Anne Robinson said...

Inever watch any news programs. I heard someone say, I am so depressed, I am going to bed. The news is so awful. Turn off your TV . My goodness there is so much good around us. I had a bad day last week, had to pick up a presceiption for my hubby at the pharmacy. They closed their walk up outside window so in the store I had to go. I was grumpy and it showed. I was on the produce aisle and I heard a tiny voice say "Hi how are you? I turned to see the most beautiful little girl with DOwns syndrome. I smiled at her and said, "I am fine" I hope you are having a wonderful day." I think her mom was caught off guard but I love children and have had so many nice encounters with them in grocery stores. That is how I let the world's troubles go. I read my bible, I pray. I enjoy the sunshine and love to walk in the evening with our kids, daughter and SIL and two of the chubby pups we have. My husband Avery and go walking and last night our oldest daughter and her husband joined us with the great grands, my sweet Harrison James and his sister Shea Avery Marie. What fun we had walking the neighborhood and enjoying the day's end. I think you have inspired me to write a similar post. It is easy to get caught up in this world and all the info out there. I prefer prayer and trusting God. I hope your weekend is blessed and beautiful Thank you for posting this.

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