Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Love and Friendship

What precious gifts love and friendship are in our lives.

Cousins often represent this heart-touching combination.

A very dear cousin came for lunch recently and brought sunshine to my day.

 She also always brings little gifts from her heart and they are simple but beautiful.

She knows one of my absolute favorite magazines is "Victoria" so she selected two issues for fall and Christmas.

A box of cookies filled with dark chocolate came all wrapped up.

 On top of the box were three sweet daisies that immediately went into an amber vase.

 Colorful, cheerful ribbons tied everything together.

We had a delicious lunch of take-out shrimp red curry from a Thai restaurant.

 Freshly made gingerbread with real whipped cream, flavored with confectionary sugar and vanilla, was dessert.

I love all my cousins and consider them special gifts from God in my life.

The cousin who joined me for lunch has a special place in my heart because she is so kind,  sweet, and understanding. 



Linda O'Connell said...

My cousins and i do not get together very often, but we do enjoy our visits.

diane stetson said...

My cousins and sisters all live three thousand miles from me so do not see them often at all. So glad you had a nice time with your cousin.

Red Rose Alley said...

What a wonderful gift from your cousin, Susan. I also like the magazine Victoria. The cookies sounds Yummy too. And the three little daisies
make the gift wrapping. How sweet you put them in your amber vase.
They look so precious in there. Oh, that gingerbread with real whipped
cream looks amazing. So good with a cup of coffee. ; )

My first and favorite cousin passed away years ago, and I loved her so.
But I do have another cousin that lives pretty close, and we do enjoy
conversations with each one another.

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