Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Roses and Surprises

 The past 48 hours or so, all anyone talked about, both in person, on the phone, or on the tv, was the winter storm, winter storm, winter storm.

By bedtime, the thermostat was pumped up to 65 degrees for the night, location of candles and matches had been made, and looking out the window at the yard for the 50th time was the last thing seen before heading upstairs to a warm and comfy bed.

 This morning began with a lovely mini-miracle.  Someone, (I still don't know who), shoveled most of the front sidewalks and driveway! 

That is an amazing gesture and one that sparked great joy and gratitude in my heart to the point of overflowing. 

 Bless that unknown person. 

May fabulous karma come to her/him today.

 In a separate matter,  fishing around the house for Valentine decor has begun.  

Whenever my eyes spot something absolutely loved, I buy it, and it usually becomes part of life for many years.

Case in point is the little white wrought iron double stand shown in this post.  

It was orginally black but got spray-painted a cheery white.

For the past couple of years,  faux roses have been added to each glass plate on the rack and the final look greatly appeals.

The rack came down from the attic with me this past weekend and, after a good washing, became the kitchen table centerpiece.

Placed on a bright red, lacy runner, it looks just perfect for Valentine's Day!



diane stetson said...

Oh very pretty Susan. No I do not decorate...but your house will be looking quite special for Valentine's day.

Red Rose Alley said...

You had me at 'Roses and Surprises', Susan. That was so nice of the person to shovel your walkways and driveway. I love that red lacy table runner. Perfect for Valentine's Day. Yes, it seems that there is snow in a lot of areas right now. Ours melted, but I'm sure we will get more soon. Keep warm in your cozy house, Susan. It's fun to decorate for the holidays.


Write from the Heart said...

Very pretty.

Anne M Robinson said...

I love all the angels too. Roses and other flowers and tea cups and saucers. I have several American Girl dolls cause I am a kid at heart. I have a Valentine Dress so one will be dressed for the season. :-)
I just ordered a new kitchen tablecloth. Red with huge white hearts. I am excited for it to arrive.
I have several vintage cherubs which I like to use too. My great grandgirl Shea Avery Marie (named partly for my husband Avery and myself Anne Marie). She loves my cherubs and when she lays down at naptime she smiles up at them. I wonder if she sees her brother Alastor Avery who passed away at 7 months from SIDS? She is such a happy girl but a temperamental one with a serious strong will power over some people hahaha her parents!
I love decorating! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful decorations.


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