Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Word of the Week

 The word of the week is TRUST.

Sometimes it's really hard to do, right?

That's especially true when it's taking a long time for a prayer to be answered or one is in a dark place in life.

 It's a lot easier to trust when things are going well.

But, for myself, when I truly try to trust that everything will be okay,

it usually is. 

One of my sisters, Barb, is a talented artist. 

She painted the flowery wreath with the word TRUST in the middle and I love it.

I have it in the kitchen where it can be seen every day and put the message into practice.



diane stetson said...

With lots of prayers....I love the wreath. Barb is very talented.

Red Rose Alley said...

That is such a special painting your sister did, Susan. And the word in the middle is very special. The colors remind me of Spring, which won't be long. Your sister is a talented artist for sure. You are loved, and always getting dear things from family and friends. : ) This is a gentle reminder to TRUST IN THE LORD. :)


Write from the Heart said...

That is beautiful! Trust requires patience. As my mom always said, "In His time...not ours."

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