Monday, May 16, 2022

Stained Glass in the Round

 Stained glass is extremely appealing.

Most pieces in this house are pink and transparent glass.

But this spring, my daughter gave me a brightly colored circle of stained glass as a gift.

 It's very lovely.

It's hanging from the curtain rod of a window in the kitchen.

Nearby red glass on the windowsills looks nice.

 What a great gift!



diane stetson said...

I love your new stained glass. I do not have much glass items in my house on display due to the fact that we have many little earthquakes and I live in fear they will smash. Enjoy it.

Nancy's Notes said...

That is beautiful! I don't have any stained glass, but my mother had a gorgeous piece that is now hanging in my brother's home. Yours is such a wonderful statement piece, as was hers.

Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, I love stained glass. And I just went to the church in my hometown, and it has stained glass windows inside the church. It's beautiful. What a lovely piece that your daughter gave you, Susan. It goes well with the red glass on the window sill.

Have a wonderful week.


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