Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Finger Puppet Creativity

When kids are told to take tech breaks, good things always happen.

While taking care of my east coast grands the other day, I called a tech break. 

 Down with the Kindles and up came the individual creativity.

It was fascinating to observe.

It's really amazing what kids will think of on their own when given the opportunity.

My little granddaughter whipped out a box and turned it into a finger puppet stage.

Then, she arranged the puppets on her fingers and let the show begin.

It was so totally adorable that I just had to share it with you.

Her brothers (and grandmother) laughed and ooed and ahhed appropriately.  

My grand and her entourage of finger puppets got a huge ovation upon completion of the show.

Now, when those finger puppets came out of wherever they had been stashed, they provided a solid hour of fun.



diane stetson said...

Well my son is very creative and with his sons he built a spectacular abode for their new pet which is a dragon lizard. It looks just like the desert complete with a cave for the lizard to retreat into and fake cactus etc. ...well you get the idea. I love to see creative work and my three grandsons loved doing it.

Red Rose Alley said...

Children have such imagination. You can give them a large cardboard box and they will make a house, or colored construction paper, and they will create wonderful things. I remember going to the fields with the neighborhood kids and we made dirt forts out there. It was elaborate and really cool. The finger puppets are so cute. And colorful too. Such a fun activity for your grandkids.

Have a good Summer week, Susan.


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