Thursday, August 11, 2022

Purging Versus Packing

One thing about going through old boxes and files is discovering items one has almost completely forgotten.

That brings up tons of memories, some fun, some sad.

The painted, framed flower made me think of the artist interviewed for a story, long ago, during newspaper reporting days.

 She painted lovely wild flowers and gifted me with some of her paintings which I promptly had framed.

At the time, she was dying from cancer.  Today, I discovered one of the small paintings, many decades later.

Found some seed packets that are more than 18 years old, too.

 Do you think that if planted they could grow?

There's a music book, too, with lots of songs. 

It will be fun to try them out again on my guitar or banjo.

 The little book, shown below, will come in very handy.  

It's been in the bookcase in my office for years but I've never read it. Now , I will.

 Being in the middle of a huge change and transition in moving from a house to an apartment definitely qualifies as a difficult time.

 Extra strength can certainly be used and appreciated.




diane stetson said...

I'm not purging yet but will have to someday. I'm glad you are reminiscing as you go along your daunting task of moving.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Susan, I'm sorry you have to face that heart hard transition of moving from a house to an apartment. I once moved from an apartment to my house - I don't know how I will feel if I ever have to leave my house and move once again into an apartment. It would certainly be challenging, I have lots of nice antique furniture, probably mostly all too big for a smaller space. I do love and enjoy the lovely pieces we have.

I wish you grace and comfort as you pick and choose what comes with you and what must go elsewhere.

Brenda xo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I would really like to get a point where everything has a place and nothing is hidden away. It will take time but will be so worth it. For sure we have so much, too much, that we collect over a lifetime. I'm sure you are dealing with many bittersweet moments. I actually found a packet of very old seeds tucked away and unfortunately, nothing happened when I planted them. But hey, sure doesn't help to try because you never know what will happen. Take care.

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