Friday, September 30, 2022

Pink Fantasy

Imagine walking into a pink dream that is so fabulous, you want to stay there forever.

Well,  Fancy That is a tea room in Walpole, MA, that has that effect.

My very favorite color is pink. 

It was with great expectation that my niece took my daughter, granddaughter, and I to Fancy That tea to celebrate my September birthday.

From the moment I spotted it, my heart started to beat extra fast.

Roses in tea pots hung from shepherd hooks out in front of the building and hooking me before we even stepped foot inside.

The pink front door welcomed all visitors and it was adorned with a lovely arrangement.

Inside, pink everything was everywhere. 

Beautiful table linens, couches, pillows, exquisite wallpaper, and even a pink chandelier all made guests feel like royalty.

 Pink teapots held our hot tea in the flavors of our choices and delicious tea sandwiches came on a stacked tray along with tasty desserts.

There were scones, too, of course, with individual small glass twist off containers of clotted cream and jam.

 Wherever one looks in Fancy That, there are stunning things to see.

In order to not make this post any longer, we'll show you more of Fancy That in other posts. 

 So, if tea rooms, in pink, of course, interest you, come back another day as well



Anonymous said...

I have not been to tea rooms. I enjoy an occasional cup of tea, but I’m not sure I could drive to Walpole to get it!!!!

diane stetson said...

Oh boy....your favorite color and Victorian decor. Could not have been more appropriate for your birthday celebration. Looks like a lovely place and that you had a terrific time. I love tea.

Linda O'Connell said...

I know you were in your element. It is a beautiful place. I attended a bridal shower at a tea house. So much fun!

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