Saturday, October 1, 2022

Counting Blessings

Every once in awhile it's good to be reminded of how lucky and blessed we are in life.

Otherwise, it's easy to start taking blessings for granted.

Recently, thoughts went to  a young man met many decades ago when I volunteered for an association that worked with the blind.

I was assigned to help the young college student with his assignments. 

We never did that, though, since he always wanted to go off campus and visit new places. 

It was really a delight to give him a break from campus life.

Once I asked him what he'd like to see if he could see one thing. His answer?

"A tree."

It made me think about how many dozens upon dozens of trees I passed on a daily basis but never really looked at them that much.

After that, I did.



Terra said...

Oh thanking God is a right and happy thing to do. So many blessings we enjoy each day. Your work with the blind student and his eagerness to go off campus and visit new places was lovely to read. A friend of mine went suddenly blind in September, it is very shocking and unexpected. My friend's diagnosis reminds me that being able to read and write blog posts is a blessing.

diane stetson said...

It is indeed a blessing to have all our senses and I thank the good Lord for them all the time. I can't imagine being not able to see or hear. I love looking at the fall colors and am looking forward to it soon.

Red Rose Alley said...

What a beautiful story about the young man that you helped, Susan. It brought a tear on what he wanted to see if he could, and it reminded me of the big oak tree that I see every time I visit the creek. I just took a picture of it - it's huge bursting with acorns. I can see why he would love to see a tree. They are grand and peaceful and bring so much goodness to the earth.

It looks like you are decorating nicely in your new place. I love that pink lamp.


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