Monday, November 28, 2022

A Favorite Piece of Loveliness

When it comes to collections, they always start with just one item.

Then, over the course of time, and receiving gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions, collections expand.

Before one knows it, there are way too many items in a collection.

That's how it's been with collecting cranberry glass.

It has a deep pink color that cheers the heart and lifts the spirit.

The collection now contains more than 24 glorious pieces of cranberry glass.

There is one piece that is a favorite.

It's shown in today's post.

I just love the frilly top and the raised knobs on its surface. 

It looks quite Victorian.

Right now, the lone beauty sits on a little rack near the bed. 

It is so pretty, especially when the sun shines through it!


1 comment:

Red Rose Alley said...

That is one pretty piece of cranberry glass. I can see why it's your favorite in the collection. It looks so unique, and the color is really pretty. Well, since it's Christmas, I'll tell you about my frosty people. I collect them, but only have three, and I always look around for more. They are sweet and glittery like snow. I also collect whimsical Elves. ; )

Have a beautiful Advent season, Susan.


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