Sunday, December 25, 2022

The King of Peace

Today, Christians throughout the world celebrate the birth of the Christ Child.

The little King of Peace brings all good things to our weary world.

 In the most humble of beginnings, He brought light and goodness, gentleness and love.

Even today, if we follow Him, we have a solution to all problems, balm for hurting hearts, and warmth and love wherever we go.

 Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

Today, while we celebrate His birth, may we sing, enjoy food and drink,  be joyful, and feel the presence of the newborn King!

No number of presents, appetizers, or even full course meals can beat the joy that Jesus brings to human hearts.  

He is the essence of true, meaningful happiness.

I wish you a most blessed of Christmases to all who celebrate it.

1 comment:

diane stetson said...

Beautiful pictures of the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Thanks for sharing them. I loved them all. My house has three Nativity scenes and I love looking at them too.

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