Sunday, February 5, 2023

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

There are so many images of the Blessed Mother of Christ and each, while different, has meaning.

An old, framed image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help sits near my bed.

It belonged to my late husband. 

It's a Byzantine icon dating from the 13th through 15th centuries.

According to the online, the Blessed Mother in this icon is known for performing many miracles among those who pray to her.

 There have been many "healings and special graces"  attributed to her throughout the years.

Several Popes have honored and venerated the woman behind the image, it is noted.

In the upper corners of the icon, one sees images of Archangels Gabriel and Michael.  

They are said to be holding instruments associated with Christ's Passion such as a spear, a wine-soaked sponge, a cross, and nails. notes that the intent of the artist was to show the Christ child a vision of His future.

The image depicts the Christ Child as being frightened by the vision so he ran to His mother, losing one of His sandals, and grasped His Mother's hand.

There is a star on Mary's veil above her forehead. 
 That, according to the, highlights her role in the "plan of salvation as both the Mother of God" and Mother to her human children.                                                                                   

She intercedes with her Son, Jesus, on behalf of those who appeal to her for help.

Just as Mary comforts her child, she also comforts her human children who go to her when fear is in their hearts, the revealed.

 "She will console and comfort them in their afflictions. We can always come to her in our time of need and receive her help."

The original icon is at the Church of St. Alphonsus in Rome. 

Both Mary and her child look very sad in the icon. 

On the bright side, the golden background of the icon is a sign of the Resurrection, three days after Christ's death.



Diane Stetson said...

We pray every single Saturday morning Mass to her. Love the prayers. Very nice picture of her.

Anonymous said...

I love our lady of Lourdes

Red Rose Alley said...

I've never heard this story. Thanks for sharing it, Susan. I will gaze upon this photo, and tell her what's in my heart. Oh, how I love Mother Mary and her beloved Son. She comforts all of us when we are troubled. St. Michael is also one of my dear Saints. This is a very special piece that belonged to your husband, Susan.


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