Monday, March 27, 2023

Visiting Loveliness

 With some snow still on the ground, and chill in the air, a trip to a plant nursery feels like heaven.

That's what a very dear friend and I love to do on the weekend.

 We drive to Ward's Nursery and Garden Center in Western Massachusetts.

 With all the beauty to behold there, it is worth the drive!

The flowers and plants at Ward's are swoon worthy

There are all kinds of colors, descriptions, and specimens.  

 It's so easy to ooooo and ahhhhh one's way through that incredible place.

Rather than talk too much, photos of some of the offerings are shown in this post for your enjoyment. 

 Please come back again to visit and if you'd like to see more of Ward's offerings!



Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

A whole lot of loveliness in this post today, Susan. I really like the pic with the hydrangea and roses and watering can. A lovely composition.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

diane stetson said...

Very pretty spring flowers at that nursery. Yes we have several here where I live. I've not been in a while. I know you enjoyed your weekend excursion.

Red Rose Alley said...

This sounds like a wonderful day at the nursery. So many pretty flowers, and those red roses! No, there isn't a nursery here in the mountains, but in the next town over, I heard there was a good one. I really miss the nurseries where I used to live. They were big and charming, and had so many pumpkins and flowers when I used to visit. I also saw the hummingbirds fluttering about near the water fountains. So glad you have one close by that you can visit from time to time. I know how much you love flowers.

Have a pleasant week, Susan.


Linda O'Connell said...

What a fun thing to do on a cold day... providing everlasting hope for warmer weather.

Nellie said...

Such beautiful flowers! It’s still too early to shop for outdoor plants here. I’ve not even seen any pansies yet.

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