Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Fabulous Flowers


Some people absolutely dislike faux flowers but others love them.

Faux flowers can be absolutely gorgeous. 

There are so many colors and varieties to choose from that it's utterly amazing. 

 Many times it's totally impossible to tell the fake blooms from real ones unless a person feels them with the fingers.

There are some beauties in the crafts store, Michael's, and even some awesome fake blooms in Dollar Tree stores at this time of year.

A bit of lace, attached to an old jar or vase, can add a touch of loveliness.


Faux flowers, such as lilies, can be added to bouquets of living blooms. 

That makes a bouquet fuller and more regal.

Adding a few sprigs of fake baby's breath works, too, to fluff out a bouquet of real flowers.

 The stunning red roses shown in today's post are in a home where I recently stayed.

So, too, are the Yankee Candle angel candleholders. 


They are so charming.  




diane stetson said...

Yes I've bought some fake ones at the dollar store. I have them in vases in my house. I like the angel holders in the photos.

Red Rose Alley said...

The red roses are so pretty, Susan. Yes, sometimes you can't tell the difference between real and silk flowers. I saw some Spring flowers that were so nice at the Dollar Store, and may go back to get some. The vase with the lace adds a special touch. It all looks so pretty.


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