Saturday, June 3, 2023

Churches in Different States

While traveling, it's fun and a privilege to attend services at different churches located wherever one is visiting.

During COVID shut down, when no one was going to any churches in person, it was a total delight to tune in on the computer to Mass at St. Kilian Church in Mission Viejo, California.

Remember, I live across the country from St. Kilian's, in Massachusetts.


For many months, listening to sermons by the wonderful priests there was comforting, even though the audience members were all home.

So, when visiting southern California in May, it was a total delight to attend Mass at St. Kilian's Church in person.

Meeting the priests face-to-face was another absolutely terrific benefit of the trip

The cross painting to the left came from Europe, I was told.

St. Kilian is quite a beautiful house of the Lord. 

While in Colorado last month, I attended Mass at Our Lady of Loreto and that was another beautiful church.


Terra said...

That is beautiful that you can attend church in many states, and that you got to attend the California church in person after attending online.

Anonymous said...

I love St. Killian’s Church. I also tune in to their masses. The stained glass is also very beautiful in this church. I never heard of this Irish Saint til I visited this church.

diane stetson said...

Beautiful church, wonderful priests and excellent choir. I've been a member for over forty years. St. Kilian was an Irish Bishop.

Red Rose Alley said...

I love to visit different Catholic Churches as well. They are all different in their own way, and such beautiful paintings and statues. I like those little white trees, and that looks like a marble alter? I just visited my church and asked the Priest to bless a Rosary I was given. So glad you got to visit the church that you've been watching on-line. That must have been very special for you, Susan.


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