Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Colorful, Whimsical Kitty Cat

Bright colors, zany patterns, smile-making images, and cats all appeal to my heart.

Gray and brown are not colors of choice in my decorating. Nope. Give me raspberry, lime green, zany purple, perky pink, eye popping yellow, and sizzling red, for starters.

While perusing a thrift store, a cool cat painting called to me.

Now this, I thought, is a cat I can definitely say is kind of magical. 

Of course, the kitty painting came home with me.  

It now makes a colorful addition to a blank bathroom wall.

I love it! 

(p.s. Do you think the white thing between kitty's legs is supposed to be her tail?  Like, she's sitting on it?)

The two names on the painting are Lucinda Lily-Starr and M. Whalley.

My thanks to both for creating a really darling piece of art.



Diane said...

She or he is surely quite colorful.

Red Rose Alley said...

I think the white thing between the kitty's legs is her furry stomach, because it looks like the tail is swinging around on the floor near her paws. What a delightful picture, Susan. I smiled when you mentioned all the colors that appeal to you.....me too! I have been wanting a bit of color in my house lately, as we're still in Winter here. This must look so pretty on your bathroom wall. You always find the best things at the thrift store. : )


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