Sunday, March 3, 2024

Sunday Smiles

Smiling is a major way of adding light to an often dark world.

It doesn't cost a dime.

Inevitably, when a person smiles at another, the smiles are exchanged.

Even people who look grumpy or discouraged will often respond with a smile if one is given to them.

They smile back.

Finding decor that makes a person smile is worth buying.

It can be as insignificant as the little bunbun photographed at the top of this post.

Looking at her always causes a smile. That's worth a lot.

So today, do your best to spread this wonderful way of contributing to a happier world.  Smile!


Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, your post reminded me of the little mint colored bunny I just bought for baby Charlotte. It has the sweetest smile and is sooooo soft, that I couldn't resist. Little things like your bunny certainly puts a smile on our face, doesn't it? A peaceful Sunday to you, dear Susan.


diane stetson said...

I love the song by Charlie Chaplin called Smile. I love to sing it whenever I am feeling down. It makes me smile like the bunny makes you smile.

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