Saturday, April 27, 2024

Beauty, Beauty Everywhere...

Spring is painting all kinds of astoundingly beautiful natural canvases. 

Trees and  bushes are bursting with blossoms.

Each day something else springs into full bloom.

While it probably doesn't show up very well via computer,  the tree at the top of this post is completely pink. 

It is most likely a cherry tree.

The splendid yellow blossoms belong to forsythia.

Yellow daffodils are also nodding their little heads and sweet-faced pansies. in many colors,  actually look happy.

What a breathtaking time of year this is!



Linda Hoye said...

Here in Saskatchewan, the prairie crocuses are in bloom.

Patti said...

Beautiful! I love the bright blooms of your forsythia. Ours has come and gone already. Now the lilacs are beginning to bloom. Spring is so astoundingly beautiful!

Red Rose Alley said...

The pink blossom tree is beautiful, Susan. I am seeing more of them in my town at the moment also. They are just so pretty, and really says "Spring is here!."


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