Saturday, April 13, 2024

Darling Doilies

Modern home decorators think doilies are signs of an old-fashioned grandmother's residence.

They discourage people from using them in their homes as they would surely be a sign of outdated merchandise.

Well, you know what?  It doesn't matter what anybody says when it comes to doilies being old-fashioned because I love them!

Yes, they sometimes do remind me of my late maternal grandmother. She used to crochet incredibly beautiful doilies without even following a pattern.

Her handiwork was just exquisite.

When elderly aunties of mine left on their great journeys to the other side, I came into several doilies from their households.

While it's impossible to remember where a white and deep pink doily originated, today it gives a very unique look to a small lace-covered table in my small apartment.

(By the way, the lace "tablecloth" is really two curtain panels. 

They have to substitute until a real, square lace tablecloth can be found. ha!  

They actually look quite pretty.)

The pink roses in the cut glass rose bowl is on the table, too, as well as two Luminara candles.                                                                                     

The candle flames look exactly like real flames but they are not. However, that's a story to tell in another blog post.

Hear, hear it for doilies in this apartment.


diane stetson said...

Lovely looking table Susan. Very pretty.

Red Rose Alley said...

Your doily is so unique, Susan. Have never seen one quite like it. And it's special that it belonged to your auntie. The curtains look just like a pretty table cloth, and I like those candles too. I only have one pink doily that my grandmother made, but I have it tucked away in my keepsakes. I used to have many more, but with all the know how it goes. ; )


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