Thursday, April 18, 2024

Excursions Are The Best...


One way to lift one's spirits is to discover a new place to visit.

It's so awesome to go to a town one has never seen before.

Because farm stores are of great interest, the thought of going to Kinderhook Farm in Valatie, (pronounced vah-lay-shah) New York became very pleasant.  

Since this is school vacation week in western Massachusetts, it turned out to be the perfect time to explore a new place.

One of my sisters drove her beautiful new car so the ride became even more delightful.                                                                      
The breath-taking views took one's breath away.  Flocks of sheep in the expansive green field beyond the fence made it look like we were in Ireland or England instead of New York.                                          

There were chickens, too, and their fresh eggs for sale in the Farm Store came in different shades of color.                                           

All kinds of meats, including fresh bacon, steaks, and roasts could be purchased, too.  I bought bacon, hamburger meat, and a dozen of the beautiful eggs. 

Hopefully, each of the items purchased will be a delicious treat.

The visit to Valatie and Kinderhook Farm made some sweet memories on a bright and golden April afternoon. 



Red Rose Alley said...

What a charming place to visit, Susan. I would have never guessed it was pronounced that way - sounds nothing like the actual spelling. That first photo is so pretty. I am wondering why the eggs are in different shades of color, hmmmmm. It's always nice to visit a different town, but up here in the mountains, we get all the countryside we long for. I'm ready to go shopping in the city haha. These really are lovely photos, Susan. I didn't realize you were that close to New York, how fun.


diane stetson said...

I will get to go exploring this week as my daughter is coming for a visit . I will let you know where we go .Nice pictures of the farm. Glad you enjoyed it.

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