Sunday, May 26, 2024

A Couple of Little Things

 When a person receives a thank you note with a lovely message, it's a joy.

When the card, itself, is adorable, that brings even more joy.

So when the card with little birdies in a tree came in the mail, with a birthday gift thank you note inside,  it was too sweet to dump in the trash.

Framed, it brings a smile to my face when I see it on the small table in my apartment.

 In addition, a card that shows a little girl swinging under a tree filled with gorgeous pink blossoms went straight to my heart. 

It triggered some really happy memories of childhood so before sending it to someone, it got framed!  

It has now joined the framed birdies.

 See?  A couple of little things brings so many feelings that make life a bit brighter, a bit happier.

May your own day be blessed.


Red Rose Alley said...

Those are both really cute cards, Susan. I especially like the birds in the tree, as I'm a bird lover. I know what you mean about finding that delightful card. I have found cards, and even when there is no special occasion, I have kept a few for myself, just cause they were so cute. I like how you frame yours too. It's hard to find frames up here, but I keep looking. ; )

Have a blessed week ahead, Susan.


Diane Stetson said...

I love cards. I love senders mg th and receiving them. I’ve never framed one though. Good for you.

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