Saturday, May 25, 2024

Let There Be Even a Little Light


Even in the day time, small lights can add a touch of whimsey to an environment.  

Around here, there's usually a scented candle burning.

The little pink and transparent  accent light, that throws designs all over the wall behind her, is one of my faves, both day and night.

The sign at the top of the post is a small plaque, given to me by my oldest and first born granddaughter. 

It has become my daily mantra!

Here's hoping your day is filled with moments of joy, as well.

Happy weekend!

1 comment:

Red Rose Alley said...

I love that last small lamp, Susan. It's so charming. And I've been wanting to get a lamp for the house, and hope I find one pretty like that soon. During the day, the sun shines through the big window, so there is plenty of light. It's so nice that you try to find joy in each day, just as your plaque displays.

Have a peaceful weekend, dear Susan.


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