Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Father's Day to All Who Celebrate It



This is a very special day, set aside for all the Dads of the world.

The influence of a father on a child's life has life-long impact. 

It is definitely a big deal.

My own Dad was a simple, humble man with a sensitive nature.

He grew a gigantic garden every summer, following the footsteps of his Lithuanian mother.

Daddy loved spring flowers like daffodils and iris. We had both in the yard of the old house in which we lived.

He also fed thousands upon thousands of wild birds.

I can see him still, in my mind's eye, cutting up food for the little winged ones.

He'd be sitting by the kitchen window, looking out the birdies who were waiting for their breakfast.

He also loved hummingbirds and called his kids to the window any time he'd see one flitting furiously around the flowers.

Today, I think of Daddy with love and gratitude for his lifetime of sacrifice for his five daughters.

Happy Father's Day in heaven, Daddy, with the most powerful Father of all!


diane stetson said...

Happy Heavenly Father's day to Dad and Happy Father's day to all the living Dads who make such a difference in their children's lives.God bless them all.

Red Rose Alley said...

What a beautiful post, and so special you mentioned our Heavenly Father. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man, Susan. How sweet that he loved the hummingbirds. I didn't realize you were from a family of five girls! There was also five of us - three brothers and two sisters. Families were big back then.....and wasn't that so much fun?


Shug said...

This is a special Day for not only Dads that are living, but for many of us whose dads have passed. Difficult for many, and yet such a time to put a special memory in our hearts. Beautiful post.

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