Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A "Honey" of a Cat

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As I write this blog entry, our only pet, Honey Cat, is snuggled nearby on a blue and yellow plaid kitchen chair cushion. Wherever the humans of our household are, Honey Cat is right near them. She just loves to keep humans company.

Stretch out on a sofa and "plop." You will have an 11-pound blob of fur pounce on your chest in two seconds flat. Honey Cat loves warm bosoms. Most times, she puts her whiskery face very close and rests her head near the human's chin. (Most disconcerting is when she lands the other way around.)

She's a grandmother cat with pretty hazel eyes and honey colored fur, mixed with white. Her face looks like she dipped her nose and mouth in melted caramel. Honey Cat's a very quiet cat, except when it's time for her early morning or supper hour tuna. Then she pumps up the volume to let you know she's waiting not-so-patiently for her chow. She's a kicker, that Honey Cat.

Born in Tucson, Arizona, she joined our famly when she was just a tiny baby and could fit snugly in the palm of my hand.

As she grew, Honey Cat was quite a huntress and reveled in bringing home her booty. Once, she dropped a twelve-inch lizard (no kidding) from her mouth onto the living room floor and it took off under our couch. It's a wonder my voice is still entact. I screamed so loud I thought the patio glass door would shatter into a million pieces. Oh, yes, Honey Cat gave us quite a few scares over the years.

She even survived a snake bite, a cross-country plane ride under my airplane seat, and a major fight with a neighborhood dog who she beat the crap out of, but I'll save those incidents for other blog entries. They are stories in themselves.

Honey Cat's about 15 years old now so she's slowing down a bit. She does a lot of sleeping and in the winter, she parks her weary body right near the fireplace. She views the falling snow from the inside windows of our house and wouldn't be caught dead getting her paws wet with snow. She's a smart cat!

Our pets are among our greatest blessings. They give so much and ask so little. As for Honey Cat, give her a bite of tuna, a sip of half-and-half, and a warm bosom and she's a very happy camper!

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Diane said...

I hope honey cat lives for NINE lives. I've met her and I think everything you said about her is absolutely true. Thanks for sharing about honeycat.xo Diane

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