Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lost and Found

Have you ever lost something that meant a lot to you? It gives a new lease on life when, at last, it shows up again.
That happened to me with a diamond ring my husband gave to me on our wedding anniversary last year. I immediately loved it far more than my original diamond engagement ring. It was a sparkler, especially in the sun.
One day, rubbing my ring finger against the baby finger, the realization came that the ring was missing. Where had I put it? On the windowsill near the kitchen sink? Nope. On the dresser in the bedroom? Nope. No ring. Upstairs, downstairs, and everywhere in between, I looked for that ring but the multiple searches turned up nothing. Nada. Zilch.
Sad, but resigned, I tried to put the ring out of my mind. After all, it served as just a symbol of our love. It was a material thing. The ring could be replaced, the love could not.

Then, one day, while dusting inside the dining room china cabinet, I picked up a crystal candle holder and something inside the hollow, where the candle goes, rattled. It was the ring! How in the world did that ring get into the candle holder? There was certainly no recollection of it in my memory. Bizarro.

Then I thought, "Who cares how it got in there?" The most important thing is that it is now found. Once again, I could put it on and be reminded of how sweet and thoughtful my husband is.

Lost then found. Thank goodness.


Kittie Howard said...

Loved your story...oh, the wonderful feeling when the lost is found!

A Little Of This And That said...

I've had a couple of similar experiences with my wedding ring. That feeling of finding it again is pretty awesome.

Diane said...

I lost mine and NEVER found it and it was an expensive ring..but after that was even marriage that is sad!

CIELO said...

Come celebrate your home with us at the house in the roses... Show Off Your Cottage Monday is up! ;)


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