Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

It's almost Christmas and excitement fills the air.

The anticipation of family gatherings, opening gifts, and celebrating, once again, the birth of the Christ child, are all part of this magical, wondrous holiday.

There's so much to do to prepare for Christmas that it's easy to feel stressed-out by it all. Every day has been a frenzy of activity--- baking, buying, cleaning, cooking, socializing, wrapping, writing cards, and so on.

It's so calming to just sit for a moment and look, really look, at the Christmas tree in all its splendor. For me, a fire in our beautiful pink fireplace warms the body as well as the soul. The crackling sounds and flames calm a weary body. No carols are necessary for a few, still moments. It's a blessing to bask in the silence.

Pause to really look at the figures in the manger and recall that night, so long ago, when a baby born in humble surroundings brought hope for all mankind. What a priceless gift hope is, even today in our current circumstances.

In our home, as I write this post, a Yankee Candle is burning. The scent, appropriately named "Christmas Eve," is sweet and fills the living room. Honey Cat is sound asleep on the rug in front of the fire. Smart cat!

Immense gratitude fills my heart---for the gift of life; for my husband, son, and daughter and their life partners; for numerous non-biological teens in our lives; for our home; for family and friends and, oh, most precious gift of all, good health. I feel profound gratitude for every blessing, big and small.

Thank you, Baby Jesus.


Rebecca said...

What a beautifully written post. I relaxed just reading it! I think I can smell the Yankee candle, too. I believe (if it was available last year) that I received one from a piano student and burned the entire candle last season. I wish we had a wood-burning fireplace. Yours looks so very inviting. (I asked for a seat in front of huge fireplace at Cracker Barrel two days ago. It is my favorite spot in the restaurant. The manager threw on at least 3 big logs while we enjoyed our meal!)

Merry Christmas, Sue!

Adrienne said...

A very happy and holy Christmas to you, too :-) Beautiful post ... thank you

Andrea said...

I too take time to really relax and look at my tree and the other decorations around the room. I don't have a fireplace, but if I had one, I'd want it to be pink! How cool is that?? I'm expecting some Yankee candles for gifts this year, as my Hubby always buys those for me. My 3 cats and 2 dogs are all sleeping peacefully. I am so thankful that they are all inside, safe, clean and warm. All have full bellies, including the humans! LOL

Tonight we will open a few gifts and then the rest tomorrow. Turkey for dinner. Our two unmarried sons will be playing video games until all hours tonight, while Hubby and I are sound asleep in our room with the 5 pets sprawled all over our bed with us.

Thanks for visiting my blog again and for writing such a sweet post for me to read.

God bless and have a relaxed Christmas tomorrow.


diane stetson said...

I'm home sick and feel the peace and quiet of Christmas eve helps me get better...I have a fire in my fireplace crackling too...I have my tree lit and I'm thankful that I have the baby Jesus to keep me company...xo Diane

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